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Thursday, November 23 2017

I was a little too quick to the punch on revealing the special surprise I had planned for my Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal. it is in a nutshell:

1)  I have an investor partnership agreement with an organization in Texas.  They've done, insofar, over 350 deals with my students since August 2016 including cash loans for flips, business loans, and down payment cash for apartment buildings and MHP deals.

2)  They are based out of Houston with a secondary location in Dallas.  When Hurricane Harvey hit, they had to relocate their office and decided to up and leave the Houston area; they are now based out of Dallas permanently, or at least for now.  This move took about a month to complete.

3)  After they relocated and got situated, they started back at going through the last batch of deals they got from my students which, as you can imagine, piled up since they were out of commission for awhile.  To date, they are completely caught up with that backlog of deals because of one key disappointing reason: the deals they received from my students from about August through up to last week were incomplete submissions.  All incomplete submissions are immediately discarded without a response.  Out of 190 submitted deals -- including loan requests -- only 2 were accepted and it's because those were the ONLY 2 that included the additional required and requested paperwork!  So, if you think about it, there was a 100% acceptance rate because the only 2 deals that included a completed form and accompanying paperwork were accepted and funded.

4)  Because of this "bad batch" of students that I evidently sent through, they asked me if I'd get some more students who are need cash for flip deals.  They make about 10% to 12% on these transactions so it's quite possibly the most lucrative type of investing that they do with my students which is why they want more.  So, they want to do flip deals with you and they're willing to cough up the cash for the deal (for a 100% all-cash acquisition) PLUS they will give up cash for rehab.  You will have up to 90 days from the date of acquisition (close of escrow) to rehab and resell the property.  They make 10% so if they give you $100,000 to do the deal, you're giving them $110,000 when you flip the property.  ($100,000 is giving back their original loan and the additional $10,000 is their 10% fee on top.)  If it goes over 90 days, this is when the additional interest kicks in and up to 120 days, it becomes 12%.  Up to 6 months, it becomes 15%.  After 6 months, they take the property from you.  (This has NEVER happened, by the way.)

5)  Because most of my students don't understand how MY way of flipping works or how to get the best "below market" property opportunities, I have a highly successful system called the Real Estate Cash Flow System.  It's recently been updated (only a few months ago, to be exact).  And you NEED this system if you want to make money on the last windfall of flip properties before the opportunity will go into "hiatus" (for about 3 years thereafter).  I recommend you take advantage of this last cash cow opportunity...before it's over.  You can make anywhere from a few thousand bucks to a few hundred thousand dollars before this opportunity is over with.

Okay, so here's the deal:

For this Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal, I'm offering you the Real Estate Cash Flow System with a VERY RARE ONE-TIME-ONLY BONUS of gaining direct access to my Texas investors who want to give you CASH for your flip deals AND give you cash to rehab the deal.  They'll work with single-family residences (SFRs), multi-family properties (2 - 4 units), and small apartment buildings (up to 12 units).  This is for FLIP DEALS ONLY.  This is NOT for buy-and-hold assets.  And this investor offer is NOT for down payments for long-term assets so please don't send me a million emails asking if you can do it that way can't.  No exceptions.  Flip deals ONLY!

CLICK HERE to get the deal.  This deal ends VERY SOON so I strongly recommend that you get it now.

And by the way, if you were one of the early responders (when I goofed up and sent out this offer last week in a link), you'll be getting this bonus investor partner resource so don't sweat it.  Okay?

CLICK HERE NOW to get the Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deal!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  If you haven't locked in your spot at the Detroit Real Estate Cash Flow Boot Camp Seminar on March 8th, 9th, and 10th, you need to do that NOW by CLICKING HERE.

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