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Wednesday, November 15 2017

The other day (yes, on the weekend), our office received a phone call from a guy who I'm pretty sure isn't a real student of mine but probably got a fr*ee report at some point or another and now gets emails and blog posts from me.  So, in other words, he's a classic do-nothing never-will-do-anything tire-kicker who finds great value in criticizing everything and everyone around him.

Including me.

If you recall, I posted what I thought was a rather heartfelt blog this past Saturday to honor our veterans on Veteran's Day.  If you recall, that email was about why I personally would never take a knee at a sporting event.  So...this windbag decides to call my office to leave a message stating that he has an "issue" about my comment about the flag.

Except I'm guessing that this guy can't read at all because I didn't make ONE MENTION about the flag at all.  Nope, not throughout the entire piece.  (Read it if you don't believe me.)  Yet here's this guy who decides to call on a weekend to complain about an email I email to HONOR veterans.  WTF??  Who does that?

I'll tell you who does that: someone with 0% confidence in himself or his abilities to ever be someone significant in the fabric of our society and, unfortunately, he will always feel insignificant probably until the day he dies.  So...calling somebody's office on a weekend (probably hoping to just leave a message instead of talking to somebody...especially to me!) to "file" a complaint about an email honoring veterans is his pitiful attempt to make a stab at being "significant" in some way.  What a bad ass, hoping we'd all say here in the office.  Ballsy guy, calling to complain about an email...honoring veterans.  He told us, he did!

Give me a break.

If anything the guy has NO balls, NO class, and NO respect for anybody (including himself).  Freaking idiot.  And these are EXACTLY the type of people I will be getting rid of out of my database because my only interest right now in this phase of my life is to focus ONLY on those who truly want to better their lives in some incredible and significant way.

Here's the deal, folks.  At this stage in your life, you're either going to pull the trigger on something you REALLY want to do (to set yourself financially free)...or you're not.  And if you're not, you're just going to be a deadbeat hanger-on-er who I no longer want to associate with because you're DEAD WEIGHT.

But if you're somebody who IS ready to finally do something, I want to see you...really soon, in fact.  And if you really are somebody who should be part of the World of Monica Main, you need to get off your ass and become successful.  And quick.  (And I have a way for you to do that if you pay close attention.)

CLICK HERE and you'll see what I have in store for you in your very near future.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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