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Tuesday, October 31 2017
I can't believe how fast this freaking year is just flying by.  Can you?  It's already Halloween!  Next it'll be Christmas then...we start ALL OVER again on January 1st.  Kind of makes you wonder... "What the point of all this?"  Doesn't it?
Today I'll be passing out candy out of my oversize black plastic witch cauldron. It's also filled with seasonal pencils and rubber duckies dressed as different Halloween characters...for the little baby kids that come by.
I used to like Halloween...a lot, actually.  But this year feels different.  It doesn't feel the same.  Maybe I'll feel better about it later, after the sun sets and the kiddies start coming out for the candy.  But this year I doubt it.  I think it's because I've had so many back-to-back business trips over the past couple of months and I'm leaving out again next week that I feel like I'm always rushed and can't breathe let alone taking some time to enjoy a holiday, for crying out loud.  Seriously, I think I need to SLOW DOWN.  (Maybe you do too.)
How are you feeling today?  Are you ready for Halloween?  Or do you feel much the same as I do -- wondering where the hell the year went and wondering what you can do to make next year better?
Starting tomorrow I'm doing a little office "moving."  Actually, we're expanding into the unit next door so we're doubling our office/warehouse space, officially effective tomorrow.  Things have been really busy lately; I'm looking forward to the holiday slow-down that we generally get, starting the week of Thanksgiving through the first week of January.
I've been getting some emails from you guys and gals with questions about what to expect from me in 2018.  It'll be a mixed bag for me.  For you, I'll actually appear to be more focused than ever due to severe limitations to my schedule, disallowing me to do trainings and mentorship groups on specific topics.  In fact, for those of you who have been asking about real estate stuff, you're in for it!  For the vast majority of 2018, that's what I'll be covering.  (Behind the scenes, I'll be focusing on my skincare businesses.)
For right now, your LAST OPPORTUNITY to get in on my Money Funnel 2.0 Mentorship Group Modules with a "Mini" Affiliate Licensing Opportunity is RIGHT NOW.  Once this deal is over, gone will be the days of covering Money Funnel stuff anymore.  (Sorry but as profitable as it is for the students who actually implement this stuff, it's time to move on from it.)  CLICK HERE NOW to listen to a powerful audio seminar about it.
In the meantime, HAPPY HALLOWEEN.  Stay out of trouble...and don't do anything I wouldn't do.  (Whatever that means.  LOL!)
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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