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Sunday, October 29 2017
Sometimes I Wonder What the HELL is Wrong With People!
​I just got back from another business trip in Cleveland.  You can see from the picture above that I just can't withstand the 55-degree weather...AT ALL.  My blood is too thin now from having lived in 30 years this month!
But that's not what I'm writing you about.
The reason I've been to Cleveland 5 times this year and will be back again for at least another 4 times next year is because I'm trying to learn as much as I can about marketing, copywriting, and direct-response sales from -- who I personally believe -- is one of the "last men standing" for the "old school" strategies that I've been studying religiously for the past 20+ years.
What does this mean, exactly?
Several things:
1)  I don't profess to know everything about everything.  Anyone one who does is a fool.  Anyone who doesn't keep up on tightening their skills while letting more new information in can never expand their mind, business, and ultimately their bank account.
2)  I can continue teaching you at my top "A-Game" by being able to divulge information and money-making strategies as they become tested and proven after I've been able to refine them for myself.
3)  This isn't just about marketing, copywriting and sales.  All of this "stuff" falls into every business and investing category in one way or another.  Once you understand the basic principles, you can apply them most anywhere and everywhere pertaining to business.  And the better I get at it, the better you will too.
Smart people keep studying, seeking, and experimenting even far past the point of what many others would deem as "success."  Success is defined in many ways.  For me, it isn't about the end-game at all.  It's about STAYING in the game.  It's about hitting on that next big "thing" that I can make work from scratch.  It's about the journey, for me, and has almost nothing to do with the destination since and "end" (for me) is nothing more than a silent death.  The "end" always prompts that question (for all of us, believe it or not) which is: "What's next?" or "Now what?" 
And quite honestly, I never look forward to those questions at all.
But what I found fascinating (and not in a good way) was how few people attended this last event that I went to.  Prior years yielded 600+ people, sometimes much higher (like closer to 1,000).  This year...there was barely 250 or so people in attendance.
As far as in my high-level mastermind group, there was only me and one other guy (because he had a trade show booth there at this event) who attended this powerful information-packed seminar.
Why?  Why is this?  Are people getting to the point where they're becoming lazy, inept, and disinterested in furthering their money-making skills and abilities along?  I just don't understand this AT ALL!
Now to be clear, I don't attend these events with the idea or desire of getting truckloads of information out of them otherwise I'll quickly find myself in the "information paralysis" mode where I end up implementing NOTHING at all.  (See, I'm not so different than most other people.) 
What I look for is that ONE or those TWO "gold nuggets" that I missed before.  It's in those gold nuggets that can instantly pivot anyone one of us into a multi-million...or billion-dollar business empire.  THAT is what makes all the difference each and every time!
Did I get those "gold nuggets" that I was seeking?  Absolutely, I did.  Looking back, I got an entire ore-cart full of gold nuggets this time around, far more than I was originally seeking or expected.  (I certainly expected nothing based on how the event was going by lunch the first day...not very well, I should mention.  It was almost like a train wreck to that point.)  And it made me feel so incredibly lucky to have such an opportunity with who I call the business "greats" who...quite honestly, will not be on this planet much longer because of health issues and, of course, age itself.  (We all die sometime, don't we?)
Even better, I was able to become a HUGE gold nugget for someone else who -- like me -- came to the event seeking...that one bit of something (we're never quite sure what it is) and then BAM!  Here comes that multi-million-dollar "zinger" of an idea from an unexpected source (in this case it came from me) to a man who told me later on that he was becoming frustrated with the event because he claimed he was getting "nothing" out of anyone there who was presenting ideas.  (Thinking back, maybe that was the ONLY reason I was to be help this guy.  Who knows?  Who can really tell when it comes to universal synchronicity?!)  And here I gave him a multi-million-dollar idea which, I can guarantee you, is exactly what he went there for!
So, what am I getting at with all this gibber-gabber?
The way I see it, our future is fairly simple in how things are about to completely play out:
There will be only a handful (by percentage...a SINGLE-DIGIT percentage, by the way) who will make it financially.  Not only will they "make it" but they'll be making it BIG TIME.
And then everyone else will be struggling to scrape by.  Everyone else will include at least 80%+ of the population, perhaps even 90%+ (which is my prediction) due to inflation and other reasons.  But, to be absolutely conservative, let's just stick with the low 80% number.
That's A LOT of people.  A LOT.  By today's numbers, that's over 258 million people out of the current 323 million people who make up the United States population who will be struggling their asses off to keep food on the table and the lights on in their humble apartments.  All because people have become intellectually and educationally LAZY today!
Will that include you?  Which side of this very lopsided fence will YOU find yourself on?
With that said, I have a few things to mention here:
1)  I have my LAST offering on the table for the Money Funnel 2.0 Mentorship Group MODULES.  Once this deal is over, I'll be laying these powerful money-making strategies to rest for a very, very long time (or forever).  CLICK HERE if you didn't get your Money Funnel 2.0 Mentorship Group MODULES (including my Money Funnel Clones and my NEW resource for getting an unsecured loan of up to $15,000 for those with bad credit to help you START your successful money funnel business.)
2)  My next upcoming Mentorship Group (to start in January 2018) will be called my first ever Getting Money Mentorship Group (details to be revealed later).  This will be a group exclusively for those who want to raise money for business, investing, or whatever you want as I reveal EVERY SINGLE STRATEGY on how to get money for your business and investing projects.  By the very end of the group, we'll be working with REAL INVESTORS (brand new ones that I have) and sending our business plans to them for review and approval to get funding!
3)  After much thought, provocation, many requests, and some people outright begging me...I have a March event coming into the pipeline that will blow your socks off!  More to come on this in the weeks to follow so don't call my staff and ask about it because their stock answer is, "We don't know anything about it right now.  Sorry."  So, just keep your pants on and wait!  (But it's REALLY REALLY incredible!  You know how I am.  I always have to keep topping myself and this one REALLY takes the cake this time!!) 
In the meantime, don't be like the nay-sayers, success-talkers-but-don't-doers, slackers and nit-wits out there.  IF (and ONLY if) you're interested in profiting from my Money Funnel Modules, CLICK HERE NOW.  This business is NOT for everyone but it could be what YOU are looking for.  You won't know until you check it out!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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