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Tuesday, October 17 2017

I've been getting a lot of questions lately about exactly how the $30,000 business works...and what the "$30,000" part means considering that I stated it can make millions per year in profits, depending on how large you go with it.

First of all, if you haven't yet listened to my short audio seminar, I suggest you do by CLICKING HERE NOW.

So, what IS the $30,000 business?  Well, I'm not going to tell you exactly what it is (since I'll be giving it away) but I'll tell you how the business works and how profitable it CAN be for anyone willing to put time and effort into it.

What I give you is the following tools for you to use to make money with this:

1)  Exact 2-step "Invitation" Mailer to drive prospects to your website (where they'll be requesting a free sample).  In the workshop videos, I tell you WHERE to get the samples from which is why it's critical that you WATCH the videos (instead of buying them and letting them sit in the shrink-wrap like many of my students do).  In the workshop I show you how to set up the "rim" in which the prospects will go to in order to input their name and address for the free sample.

2)  Exact "long-form" Sales Letter to sell your prospect on 1 of 3 "levels" of the product ranging from $199 all the way up to $599.  Most of your prospects will go for the MIDDLE which is at $399.  (You can change these prices, by the way, but I don't recommend that  do.)  I should also mention that the students who had paid for previous licenses of this business not only didn't receive the Invitation Mailer (listed above in item #1) but they also didn't get this "long-form" sales letter either.  But you'll be getting it and it has the power to make you A LOT of money.  In the videos, I'll tell you WHERE to get the product(s) listed in the 3 "levels" and if you want to alter the kits/packages presented in this letter, you can!  I'll also show you exactly how much money you can make with this and when you see it, your heart may stop beating for a short moment...THAT is how exciting this is!!

3)  Exact "back-end" Sales Letter to upsell a tested-and-proven HOT SELLING product that sells 20% to 25% of your customers when this EXACT LETTER is included with their initial product shipment.  This item can be priced between $99 and $149 but our best sales happened at the $129 price point (remember that because it's important). 

4)  Exact "money funnel" CLONE for this business for when people are ready to place an order and don't want to call it in so they'll go to your website and you'll have that set up.  All you need is your own domain; watch the videos for domain suggestions.  You'll also need what I call a "recorded" Q&A answering service and I give you the company that does that for you...when you watch the videos.

Now, why am I making you watch all 3 days of the videos to get all this critical information?  Because it goes along with what I said before about a lot of my student lately buying things from me and not even busting the stuff out of the shrink-wrap...yet they miraculously expect to make money by osmosis or something.  Or maybe they expected a leprechaun to jump out of the box I shipped to them, hoping that the little guy would do the business for them.  And that's just not how life works.

So, for those of you TRULY interested in making this work, you'll HAVE to WATCH the VIDEOS from the back, from beginning to end, to get all the details as they are laid out.  This will make it to where only those who DESERVE to have a business worth millions per year in profits will get this powerful information, and the profitable business model that goes along with it.  Yes, you have to earn it.  Isn't that the way anything worthwhile should be?  After all, isn't that the way things USED to be in the olden days?  We had to EARN our keep in the world?

Now, there's good and bad in this. 

The good: if you're not lazy and you want to watch all the videos, take copious notes, and then implement it, you will do VERY WELL with this business model.  I have students using it now who are making an average of $15,000 (on the low side) in pure profits per month.  (By the way, making $15,000 in profits in one month is actually doing BAD at this.  That's essentially "screwing up" the model because you SHOULD be doing about $100,000 or more per month doing this.)  But I have to (mostly for legal reasons) give you CONSERVATIVE and DOABLE figures as to not get into trouble with the government for making false claims.  So, with that said, $15,000 per month in profits is about right for someone starting off, doing this for about 20 hours a week, and just getting on a roll with the business.

The bad: if you're lazy, you won't make any money at all with this, starting with the fact that you probably won't even open up the video set in the shrink-wrap let alone watching all the videos and THEN implementing everything.  So, if you're lazy or this defines you, don't waste your time.  Save this opportunity for someone who is serious about doing this and making it work for themselves.

CLICK HERE to snatch up a copy of these DVDs of the Money Funnel 2.0 Workshop which INCLUDES this EXACT business model WITH all the tools I outlined above.

And as mentioned before, I have never given this exact business model away before as I am now.  And this will be the LAST TIME I do.

One final note:  This is the PERFECT business model for those of you who have NO IDEA what type of business to start and have NO CARE in the world about what the business is provided that it'll make money (legally, of course).  And especially for those of you who don't want to be "married" to a particular "passion" project (whatever that may be for you, if you even know, which many people don't).  If you just want to make money, quit your job, invest in property for additional income, travel the world, pay off your house, or whatever you want to do with the money then this is DEFINITELY the business for you!

CLICK HERE to get it all now.  Remember, this deal ENDS TOMORROW at 5pm Pacific Time.  Once that day/time hits, it'll be too late.  I won't be giving out this business model anymore after that time.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  If you have any questions about this AT ALL, call us after 9am Pacific Time at 661-295-5050.

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