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Thursday, September 21 2017

I haven't been on FIRE in a this should be an entertaining read considering that I'm really angry right now!

First of all, a couple of day ago, some guy comes to my office because he's interested in my Build Business Credit FAST! System...except that not only does he NOT want to pay for the course but he thinks I'm going to clear off my schedule (right then and there) to personally "coach" him (without paying for it, of course) on how to both rebuild his personal credit as well as build his business credit.

Some people, I swear.  They have no morals, no consideration for other's time and space.  No nothing.  Because, after all, all I do is sit in my office twiddling my thumbs...just WAITING for somebody to come so that I can get to work on training them for nothing.  If that was the business I decided to be in, I would close my office and join a missionary in South America instead, helping sick children and old people.  At least maybe then I'd start to think I'm making a difference somehow.

Then this morning I'm walking my daughter to school and this doctor comes rolling up in his ugly shit-brown/maroon-color Maserati and BLOCKS the cross walk for the kids.  Then he just sits there in his ugly-looking expensive car.  And I tell him to move his piece of shit as loud as I could because he's illegally blocking a cross walk (and I know he heard me through his black tinted windows).  He knew damn well what he was doing because when he got out of the car with his two snot-nosed little brats, he refused to look at me. If he did, it would have been on and crackin' at that point because I would have made him feel 1-inch tall inside of 15 seconds.  (I'm good at slicing people down to size...especially men.  And I'm pretty quick and concise.)  Because he refused to engage, I decided to make a scene by talking really loud to the crossing guard about how she needs to tell these losers that parking in a cross walk is illegal and that it's her job to "check" people like that idiot.  And that maybe it's time she gets the CHP out there to start writing these morons tickets.  (Yes, he heard me.  The loser.  I don't care that he's a doctor.  He's still a loser.)

Let's just say I'm VERY grateful that the back pockets of my pants are too small to fit something as large as a crow bar otherwise I probably would be in jail for a homicide by now.  Too many stupid, ignorant and inconsiderate people roaming about, crossing my path, at every minute of every day.  And yes, this includes DOCTORS too.

And if this run-in with this first jerk-off (who was a doctor, as I mentioned) wasn't enough, I had my SECOND run-in with ANOTHER doctor just a few minutes later as I was driving to the office.  He was trying to race me in his fire-engine-red overpriced Mustang ideal for the guy who is exiting his mid-life-crises years and entering into the winter years of his life.  How did I know he was a doctor?  I don't know.  His arrogant vanity license plate kind of gave it away:  QWCK DOC.  Should be SHT DOC...or ASS DICK...would have been more fitting.  So, he tries cutting me off in the left lane, because evidently he wanted me to know what a hot ride he had, but he's trying to do all this while all traffic is going a whole 5 miles an hour.  Then he cuts over to the right and makes a right turn.  I'm like...Really??!!  Do you TRY being this much of a loser or does it just come naturally to you??

Here we are dealing with all this crap in the world including ANOTHER hurricane ripping apart parts of the United States (yes, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are territories of the U.S.) and Mexico having been hit with another devastating earthquake.  This is the type of stuff that I'M thinking about while these 2 dick doctors think that the entire world revolves solely and exclusively around them, as with how MOST people in the city I live in actually think.  And it makes me wonder...when did people become so selfish and so inconsiderate?  When did people begin to think that it's OKAY to act like uncivilized, rude, selfish, and prick-ish all the time?  I just don't get it!

I think a lot of this anger started off over the weekend when I started reading this 100% useless "self-help" book called Father Therapy by Doreen Virtue.  (If you really want to find yourself borderline suicidal, read this book.)  I read a lot and I have to say out of everything I've read over the past few years, this is, by far, the most depressing and worthless book I've ever read.  (Don't read it; save yourself the grief.  Oh, and she's working on her next book called Mother Therapy.  I'm pretty sure that will be a "winner" too.  If she didn't get you to kill yourself with her book Father Therapy then she'll definitely do you in with Mother Therapy.)

I'm starting to believe that the world at large is becoming unhinged and I'm finding myself on a constant plight to "reel myself back in," starting with NOT watching the news for awhile until I can get myself re-balanced.  (Yes, it's really OKAY to focus on yourself and your family for awhile as you disconnect from the bigger picture for a little bit.  This is NECESSARY if you're ever going to accomplish something relevant and meaningful in your life.)

What is it that YOU aren't accomplishing in your life because you're too busy being bombarded by everybody else's nonsense all day long?

One of the "base" things that most of you absolutely MUST get to work on if you want to move yourself up the success ladder is THIS...CLICK HERE!

In the meantime, stay out of trouble.  (I know...easier said than done, isn't it?)

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  I still have ONE SLOT LEFT in my upcoming Money Funnel 2.0 Workshop in Valencia, California on September 28th, 29th, and 30th.  CLICK HERE for more details now!


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