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Monday, September 04 2017
But let's be honest:
You love Labor Day because many of you get a day off of WORK.  Yes, WORK.  As in WORKING FOR SOMEBODY ELSE.  As in MAKING SOMEBODY ELSE RICH!
Tired of doing that yet?
Because I can tell you how I spend my Federal holidays.
I work because I LIKE working.  Like today...I'm looking at cash flowing real estate deals and drawing up offers that will start going out tomorrow on these properties.  This is WORK (by definition) but I like doing it that I can't think of another way to spend MY Labor Day.
BBQ-ing in the 120-degree weather here in Southern California?  Nah.  Not my thing.  Getting drunk because it's my only day of "freedom" from working in a small cubicle at somebody else's office?  Nope.  Doesn't apply to me.  Spending time with a bunch of people who waste the whole day talking about badly their boss sucks or how crappy their job is?  Definitely NOT me...because I work for myself.
Now you can too so you can stop working for somebody you hate, making him or her rich while you struggle to get by.  Now you can start doing those real estate deals when, before, maybe not having the down payment was the reason you couldn't make the deal(s) work.  
Maybe NOW you can FINALLY start that business or investing in real estate like you've been thinking about because only yesterday when you know you've been thinking about it again...and maybe again today, but you just don't have the money to start it.  So you keep throwing that dream on the back burner.
But now you do have access to OPM.  Now you can access these unsecured loans and lines of credit to do all of the things that you couldn't do before.
CLICK HERE to check out what I'm talking about and how YOU can finally start accessing the types of OPM that I've been able to access over the years that have allowed me to get rich!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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