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Tuesday, August 22 2017

Well...I'm BACK!!!  I came back from my summer hiatus and I'm now back in action full time. And what a trip I came back from!  I was in Europe for 12 days after showing my daughter Brie NYC for her first time before we headed to Spain.  So, I was gone for more than 2 weeks which is way beyond my comfort zone for taking trips.  But it was AWESOME...and in ways that you wouldn't think.

So...the European trip:  We started in Barcelona and went through France, Italy, and back to Spain over a 10-day Mediterranean cruise.  And it was HOT.  Sweltering HOT. But well worth every second.  

I have hundreds of pictures from the trip but none depicted what I gained on the inside from my experiences in Europe.  The most amazing experience for us was that our cruise ship ended up rescuing Syrian refugees.  We waited for 3 hours waiting for the Italian Coast Guard to come out before we left.

Yes, it's just like what you see on the news.  Yes, this sh** is for real.  This REAL stuff is happening out there in the real world.  

And yes, we are freaking lucky as hell for living in a land of such great opportunity because so many people out there don't have anything but the clothes they have on their backs...stuffed in a little tiny boat hoping they get SOMEWHERE so they can start a new life.  Anywhere but where they were.

And this would be after having visited France, driving down that same road in Nice where only a year before (July 2016) there was a terror attack right where we were.  And there we were in July 2017, a year later after it happened.  It just doesn't hit you -- the REALITIES of the world outside of the shallow plastic lives we live in -- just how REAL it is until you are there.

Then to come home and, only a week later, an attack on Barcelona EXACTLY where we were before we set off on our Disney cruise.
Yes, this sh** is real out there.  It's all real.  And we're all lucky to be relatively safe here (for the most part) and to have the access to the opportunities and freedom that this great country affords us. 
It kind of makes you realize that there are NO EXCUSES for not making it.  None whatsoever. (Seriously, there are NO excuses.)
After having come back, I had to dive into hundreds of emails from students with predominantly the same concern/question: "I don't have the [financial] resources to invest in real estate [or start a business] so what do I do?"
These things, they come in waves it seems where a lot of people (by mass consciousness, I suppose) all have the same questions.
So, I have a "mass" answer for everyone who has been wanting to get involved in either flipping or buy-and-hold real estate OR needing money to start (or buy) a business.
CLICK HERE for my solution for you!
In the meantime, I'm glad to be back and to be of service to my students who have been patiently waiting for my globe trotting to end so that I can get back to work!
By the way, for those of you who want to know how things are going to be between now and the end of 2017 and then for all of 2018, here's what to expect:
1)  I'll be doing my LAST EVER training on non-real estate Aggressive Income Strategies.  I'm doing a Money Funnel 2.0 hands-on workshop training on September 28th - 30th in Valencia, California and I have ONE spot left.  If you're interested, you need to call the office at 661-295-5050 to secure that slot before it's taken!  Or CLICK HERE now!
2)  I'm also doing my LAST EVER Money Funnel Mentorship Group called Money Funnel 2.0 which starts on September 5th.  This is 100% online so you don't have to show up anywhere.  Everything is recorded so if you miss the live trainings, you can view them later at your convenience.  This is for those of you interested in making a ton of cash with a home-based highly profitable online business.  CLICK HERE to get in on this LAST EVER mentorship group!
3)  Once these 2 outlined Money Funnel trainings are over with, I'll be focusing exclusively on real estate investing for the rest of 2017 and through all of 2018.  This is in preparation of (and to take advantage of) the upcoming recession that's already hitting us in certain areas of the real estate market already but won't fully hit until we see our subprime credit collapse...some predicting it'll be WORSE than 2008.  We'll see. Either way, IT'S COMING, folks!  It's best to be prepared, line up resources and PROFIT rather than running for the hills while going broke like everyone else will be doing.  And I'll be showing you just how to do that for the remainder of 2017 and all of 2018 so buckle your seatbelts!  You can start lining up your resources now by CLICKING HERE for a very rare money opportunity!
Remember, nothing happens for you until you MAKE it happen for you.  That's just the way life works.
Glad to be back, everyone!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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