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Sunday, August 06 2017

Last year my one-time-only Money Funnel Mentorship Group ended and I got an email within weeks after it ended from one of my students in the group who has just cleared $7,000 within 2 weeks AFTER the group ended, putting him on track to make $14,000 for his first month with his newly completed money funnel business.  So when I say this stuff works...and fast, I'm not kidding!!

I take time to get updates from students by sending them emails here and there, asking about their progress.  My student said he thought he'd be making more money by now.  So when I asked him what he's making now (thinking that he was making much less), he said that he was "only" at $20,000 a month in net profits.  His beef was that it had been a year and he "should" be making more money.  (This irritated me but...what can I do?)  After digging into his business activities, I found that he wasn't adding any websites or any new marketing.  He found contentment in working 9 - 10 hours a week so he didn't want to add more man power (himself) to do extra work for more money.  What the hell??  But I DID remind him that $20,000 a month is still pretty damn good for working about 40 hours a MONTH which is what most people work in a week.

Last year I decided that I will ONLY be doing ONE of these Money Funnel Mentorship Groups.  And it ended last year.  True to my word, I didn't do any more.  They're too intensive and time-consuming for me so if you missed my only group, I'm sorry.  But...

I did decide to do something different called Money Funnel 2.0.  And true to my word (like last time) I'll be doing ONLY ONE of these specialized 8-week 100% online mentorship groups.

Even better, I'm offering this Money Funnel 2.0 Mentorship Group at a kick-ass price with a whole boat load of killer bonuses.  CLICK HERE to watch some testimonial videos and listen to an awesome 10-minute audio seminar!
One more thing:  Viper Wealth Members, you get an even BETTER pricing deal on this offer.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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