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Saturday, July 01 2017

Happy July!

So the other day I had this guy from New York call the office and he started screaming at my staff about how his package didn't go out within a day after he ordered it.  Mind you, he ordered on Saturday and the dim-wit wondered why he didn't have it by Monday. Who even THINKS like that?!

So he calls the office...SCREAMING at the top of his lungs (yes, literally screaming) about how he wants the Real Estate Cash Flow System NOW.

Rose was the one who took the call and she said it hurt her feelings.  I said, "That's okay.  I have to inform my investor of all students who are considered 'difficult' and he's going on that list.  Furthermore, the second he even thinks of speaking to my investor that way, he'll get a prompt hang-up, NO MONEY for his deal, and he'll be permanently BLACKLISTED from doing further deals -- not only with that investor but with his own inner circle of OTHER investors that he works with.  So, essentially he'll be screwing himself by acting like an ass**** because, after all, leopards don't change their spots.  If he'll talk to you that way, he probably talks to everybody that way, including to those who hold the opportunities and the purse-strings in life."

And with that, this loser will be shooting himself in the foot!  It's a guarantee, actually.  Because again, people do NOT change their behavior.  They are who they are.

So, if you're one of THOSE types of people, please DO NOT waste my investors' time because he WILL (a) be notified of your difficult behavior in advance with the list of students we send over for him to review, and (b) won't give you any money for your deals because of it.

It kind of reminds me of women and dating: the guy who is rude to the waitress (especially if she doesn't deserve it) is going to be that same guy who turns into an ass**** toward YOU later well as toward your family, friends, etc.  This type of behavior doesn't change and smart business people KNOW THIS.

For those of you who are taking advantage of this opportunity to use this investor for cash for your deals (for both down payments as well as rehab money) in this VERY RARE opportunity to get this money for both flipping as well as buy-and-hold deals for properties from 1 to 4 units, you need to change your attitude and be gracious when dealing with those who have your future in real estate investing in the palm of their hands...and this INCLUDES the people who answer my phone at my office as well.  Being rude to them will result in your order NOT being processed and you NOT gaining access to this opportunity. nice, for crying out loud.  It's basic human decency and I shouldn't be the one to tell you how to act like a humble adult.  It should be a given.

CLICK HERE to get this investor's contact information.

And by the way, the guy who was screaming at my staff, his order was CANCELED and he isn't able to take advantage of this opportunity anymore.  (Yes, he's been BLACKLISTED.)  So, essentially, he screwed himself.

Don't be like him.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  Our office is CLOSED from today through Tuesday.  We'll be back in the office bright and early on Wednesday, July 5th, answering the phones at and after 9am Pacific Time.  Get your order in ONLINE over this long weekend instead of trying to call the office since nobody will be there to take your call.  Thanks!

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