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Wednesday, June 21 2017
What You're Helping Me to Do...TODAY!
With ALL of the proceeds of my newly released book -- Deliberate Manifestation -- I'm donating to the Helen Woodward Animal Center.  
If you recall, last month I talked about a dog named Duane "The Rock" that was in horrible condition when they found him in Tijuana, Mexico.  They took "The Rock" to the Helen Woodward Animal Center and I was really touched by the story.  And while I committed to putting all book proceeds of the sale of 100K in 100 Days to (for entrepreneurs in mainly 3rd-world countries looking for funding for their struggling small businesses), all book orders that came in AFTER the promotion was over were given to the medical treatment of that dog I showcased last month through the center shown above.
THIS time, I decided out of the gates to donate ALL proceeds from my newest book -- Deliberate Manifestation -- to this animal center because of all the good work they do with animals.  So, please help me out.
And this is how you can help me, as it's fairly simple:
I've had a promotional deal on my book including a bunch of bonuses and goodies which is ending TODAY at 5pm Pacific Time, to be exact. This RARE promotion deal includes my new book Deliberate Manifestation, the Law of Attraction Map (that includes THE SECRET to manifesting EVERYTHING YOU WANT...even THE SECRET that The Secret book and movie LEFT OUT is IN THE MAP), and 4 newly recorded videos of my entire wealth attraction regimen that I can guarantee you've never heard about all in one place anywhere else.
All these goodies for only $19.95 plus shipping/ essentially show you EXACTLY how to get EVERYTHING YOU WANT using an attraction strategy that has never been revealed!
But this deal is ending TODAY and we're running out of books.  If you wait any longer, you'll be put on a printing waiting list making you wait up to 3 weeks to get your book when we run out!   So, CLICK HERE NOW to get your book and help me support this wonderful animal center with the proceeds of your book sale!
This is life changing stuff, folks.  I have the key to how you can get everything you want in life.
So...what are you waiting for?
CLICK HERE NOW before it's too late.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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