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Saturday, June 17 2017
The REAL SECRET That Even The Secret Purposely Withheld From You...
I have to be honest where honesty is due...
This will be the LAST deal I'll be doing this year that will include me offering ANYTHING at such a low discount...especially with THESE bonuses:
* Brand NEW Released Book
* Map Including the SECRET (More on THAT in a Minute)
* 4 Hours of Video That I JUST RECORDED
Bonuses and goodies worth WELL OVER $300 and you'll be getting ALL of it for a super low mind-blowing price of $19.95 plus shipping/handling...
I'll be donating ALL the proceeds to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California.'re probably wondering.
"Why do I want this new book called Deliberate Manifestation?"
"Why would Monica be offering such a kick-ass book with all these goodies for only $19.95 plus shipping/handling?"
Here's why...
The REAL SECRET to Attracting Everything You've Ever Wanted Has Been PURPOSELY WITHHELD From the Book and Movie Called "The Secret"
Nobody wants to believe that something as "well-known" as the book and movie The Secret would have purposely withheld the ACTUAL SECRET to creating what you want in life.  But the reality is, THEY DID!  Pure and simple!
I don't know if they had a "Part II" of the movie and book in mind that would reveal the REAL secret?  Or...if they didn't actually KNOW the REAL SECRET?  OR...if they believed that people weren't, perhaps, READY for the REAL SECRET.
Regardless of the reasoning as to why they didn't reveal the REAL SECRET...bottom line, they didn't tell you what it was.  And that's too bad that a movie of this momentum was created and so widely watched yet they completely MISSED THE MARK on the truth in how to create everything that you want in life!
But I have that REAL SECRET for you.  In fact, I'm giving you the REAL SECRET in my book called Deliberate Manifestation.
But...even better: I'm not even going to make you wade through a bunch of pages to find it.  I'm giving you a Law of Attraction tri-fold MAP where INSIDE THE MAP I INCLUDE the REAL SECRET!
I'll show you EXACTLY where it is INSIDE the map.  You'll be unfolding the map and looking inside to find my cartoon caricature dead center in the middle.  My cartoon caricature is SAYING SOMETHING in 2 "bubbles."  This is where I reveal the most SIMPLISTIC version of the SECRET that The Secret purposely withheld from everyone.  
Take a look at the pic I posted and this is what you'll be looking for inside the map you'll be receiving with your Deliberate Manifestation book.  The SECRET is INSIDE my 2 speaking bubbles.
Now, I DO have to explain how to use these REAL SECRETS which are covered in the 4 videos you'll be getting and in the Deliberate Manifestation book, especially the part toward the very end of it. 
So, back to why I'm doing this:  Think what you want to think of me but my students are VERY IMPORTANT to me.  Your success is important to me.  And I see so many people buying every type of book, course, system, seminar, workshop, video set, and mentorship that I have yet SOME of them constantly see success evading them because they REFUSE to do the "inner stuff" first.
This is that INNER STUFF that you're missing if success is evading you!
And by YOU doing this Success Stuff that I'm sharing you in this Deliberate Manifestation kit that you'll be getting, you'll quickly and easily see success come pouring into your life which (a) makes MY teaching job MUCH EASIER when you're wanting my strategies on both Aggressive and Passive Income, and (b) because of your success that you'll have in the NEAR FUTURE by using these Deliberate Manifestation Strategies, I'll become your HERO!!  Yes!!  (I love changing people's lives!)
CLICK HERE NOW to get this Deliberate Manifestation with the BONUSES and GOODIES before I run out and before the promotion is over (which will be soon). Right now I have these in stock but I'm already getting low on these.  Once I run out, you'll have to wait 2-3 weeks until I get more and that is just throwing your ability to get what you want in life on the back-burner.  And you DON'T want that, do you?  (Haven't you been struggling in life LONG ENOUGH??)
CLICK HERE NOW to get the Deliberate Manifestation book with ALL the bonuses!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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