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Wednesday, June 14 2017
"Happy meeeeeeeeeeee!  (And Donald Trump, tooooooooooooo!)"
So, here it is.  Another year rolls around.  And now I'm 43!
But what's most extraordinary about TODAY is that I have something KICK-ASS for YOU!
Today I'm releasing my NEW BOOK called Deliberate Manifestation.  This is the book that will tell you EXACTLY how the Laws of Attraction work in ways that nobody else has shown you.
But, perhaps MOST extraordinary, are all the BONUSES I'll be giving to you with this Birthday-through-Father's Day Promotion:
* Deliberate Manifestation Book (JUST RELEASED)
* The Secret Law of Attraction MAP (That Reveals, in ONE SINGLE LINE Inside the Map the PRECISE SECRET to Getting Everything You Want in Life)
* 4 Just-Recorded Wealth Attraction Videos Totaling OVER 4 Hours of My Most Coveted Wealth Attraction Secrets that NOBODY Has Ever Revealed

If you're a guy, I'm offering ONE EXTRA BONUS of my double-sided 4-color laminated chart that guides you through a very simple set of instructions on the METHOD of triggering the Laws of Attraction to work for you.
Now, of course, I can't tell if you're a man who has a kid or not so every guy who orders will have this automatically added to his order since this is only fair (because I had an extra bonus for the ladies on Mother's Day).
CLICK HERE to find out all about this most awesome new book: Deliberate Manifestation including getting all the bonuses before the promo ends.
Also, one more thing:  ALL the book proceeds will go to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California.  This is a small animal rescue group who helped that dog Duane "The Rock" from Tijuana fully recover and become adopted out by a new caring family.  They do great work and your book money will go to this special cause!
CLICK HERE to get the book NOW before we run out!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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