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Saturday, June 10 2017
My $48,000
Well ​I finally got my MFA degree in the mail after waiting for it for almost 6 months.  And the reason they didn't send it to me MUCH earlier?  Because apparently, after spending $48,000 on the MFA program I was in, I guess they had to squeeze an extra $7.75 from me so that they could send me the actual degree in the mail.  After all, I guess after spending $48K, they couldn't be bothered with springing for the paper and mailing cost of this POS piece of paper without charging me for it.
So, as you can see in the picture, it hangs on a wall in my home office to the right of my other degree -- a BS in Business Administration...another worthless POS degree that I spent a fortune on just so I can be a "role model" for my daughter. (I'm now convinced that BS stands for bullshit.)
What I love about school: the discipline in staying on a schedule to get things done even when you think you're business/personal schedule is already over-burdened with too much stuff already...and actually pulling off finishing quarter after quarter when you think it's simply not possible.
What I hate about school: the cost to get a degree when everything you learn teaches you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING useful to go out into the world to make money with.  And when I say nothing, I mean NOTHING!  Anyone with a laptop and the ability to fill out an online student loan application can get a degree so the value of a degree is worthless in the job world...
Not that you or I care about getting a job, right?
Which is why -- other than being a role model for my daughter -- I wonder what the REAL reason was that I wasted so much time and money to get these 2 pieces of useless paper that now hang on my office wall as the only remaining pieces of evidences that I succeeded in getting these 2 degrees since I remember NOTHING about what I "learned" in these programs.
Getting this piece of paper made me think about where my REAL education came from and, even MORE POWERFUL, how I shared everything I know PLUS the newest stuff I'm doing with my students over a powerful 3-day workshop that nobody had to pay $48,000 for.
In fact, not even CLOSE to $48,000.
And, to top it off, many of you know that I'm part of a Mastermind Group where I pay $33,000 a year and I taught MORE to my students over that 3 days than what I've ever gotten in the group that I'm in.
THAT is how powerful this stuff is.
But, clearly, this is NOT for everybody.  I'll go so far as to say that it's probably not for most of you.
For the few of you that SHOULD and WILL use this powerful information to build a multi-million-dollar business from scratch -- even using my EXACT 7 sales letters that I'm offering for a SHORT TIME, sales letters that have PERSONALLY made me millions of dollars -- you will be BOWLED OVER at how incredible and life-changing this stuff is.
Again, this isn't for everyone.  But, you should at least listen to a short audio seminar anyway to see if maybe this is for you.  CLICK HERE NOW!
One more thing...the deal ends soon, including getting those 7 powerful tested-and-proven successful sales letters that you can use to build your own business so you need to CLICK HERE NOW to get on this before it's too late.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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