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Tuesday, June 06 2017

Just when I think things are "calming down" when it comes to me having to deal with the dumb shits of the world, there are always more dumb shits being ushered in.  I guess I can't relax too much.  After all, with the dumbing down of America at such an ALARMING rate, I can only expect more dumb-shit-ness.  And so can you.

The latest rash of dumb-shitters started last week, both by 2 idiot men who have the SAME NAME of Steve or Steven.  Can't remember which, nor do I care at the moment.  That's besides the point.

So, Steve #1 decides that he is going to try bullying me and my staff for a multi-million-dollar sales letter template that I actually DO HAVE for his own mail order business because in my Direct Mail Millionaire Manual, I said this -- on page 8: "But we'll get into greater detail about what to sell, who to sell it to, and how to make money in this phenomenal business."  So, somehow in Steve's world, this means that I'm supposed to give him my multi-million-dollar stock trading sales letter...except that maybe Steve and I must be reading 2 different sentences here because I'm not reading ANYTHING about how this one sentence entitles Steve to my tested-and-proven successful sales letter.  Except, instead of getting it with my 3-Day Direct Mail Millionaire Workshop Videos (because this ACTUAL tested-and-proven multi-million-dollar trading letter is in the CD-ROM that goes with this video set), he thinks I'm going to give it to him for nothing.  I tell him NO, he can call my staff and get it WITH the purchase of the 3-Day Direct Mail Millionaire Workshop Videos.  So, he calls the office, yelling at my staff about how he thinks he should get it for nothing, then ends up hanging up on them when this immature man-child cry baby didn't get his way.

As a side note, I should mention that the actual sales letter in question is (1) included on the CD-ROM called "Workshop Materials" and is among 7 powerful sales letter templates in Microsoft Word files (which means you can "borrow" them for your own multi-million-dollar mailing campaign...and I've NEVER offered these to anyone before EXCEPT for those who showed up to my workshop)...and these ARE ACTUAL sales letters that have made me MILLIONS in the direct mail business, and (2) can actually be used to make YOU millions in the direct mail business so, to me, there should be NO PRICE that someone wouldn't be willing to pay for something like this, let alone demanding that I email it to him for nothing.  (If someone were giving you this Friday's lottery numbers to guarantee that you'll win millions, wouldn't you expect to pay for these lottery numbers?  And, most importantly, wouldn't you be willing to pay ANY PRICE just to get them?  I know I would!!)

Then there's Steve #2 who offers to correct all the spelling and "grammatical errors" in my best-selling 100K in 100 Days book.  I politely declined, stating that typically when people are so focused on spelling and grammar in a book, they're really not cut out for being successful because they're missing THE POINT OF THE BOOK which is to make you money by offering you a path to financial freedom, not to offer you a "what's-wrong-with-this-spelling-and-grammar" quiz.

Case in point: I remember reading Vincent James' book that he wrote DAYS BEFORE he was hauled off to jail.  He wrote his entire book in a harried state of mind, messing up every bit of grammar, punctuation, and spelling that you can think of.  It was hard to read since there were words all over the place due to his inability to line up his paragraphs correctly.  BUT I DIDN'T CARE when I was reading it.  Why?  Because what he DID DO was spell out EXACTLY WHAT HE DID in the most tightly-knitted manner I've ever seen to tell ANYONE how to make $77 million in only a few years.  AND he even included WHY he got into legal trouble so that nobody else would fall into that legal alligator pit by telling everyone what the mistake was.  So, he essentially gave everyone his entire multi-million-dollar EXACT BLUEPRINT that was chock full of the most powerful business and money-making information I've EVER gotten from any book AND he told everyone how to stay out of legal trouble -- not just with direct mail marketing but with ANY kind of business.  Yet everything was "wrong" with it from an English and grammar perspective not to mention the aesthetics.  But I DIDN'T CARE because that's NOT why I was reading the book.

It's kind of like someone giving you a treasure map to a treasure chest full of gold that is buried somewhere in the mountains close by.  But instead of looking at WHERE the gold is by following WHERE the map is taking you, you're criticizing that some of the words that the person who drew out the map aren't spelled correctly.  Maybe even criticizing the drawing itself.  "This stick man that represents me on the map isn't quite right.  I have straight hair and the stick man has curly hair.  This isn't right!"  So, instead of following the map, you complain about the drawing of the map including the spelling and grammar.  Then you throw the map away, go to Starbucks, and whine about why your life sucks so bad and why you never get any opportunities because "luck" keeps evading you.

If this sounds like you then you're getting in your own way.  Until you get OUT of your own way, you don't have a chance in hell of ever succeeding at ANYTHING at all.  So give up now, while you're ahead.  And recess into that chasm in life that I refer to as Suck-Hole-Land because that's where you're doomed to stay until you die.

But...(your glimmer of hope is here)...

If you really WANT a path and a MAP that can really take you to your financial dreams and beyond -- regardless of the spelling, the grammar, the drawings and graphs, etc. -- then you probably have what it takes to get to where you want to go. You just need the right vehicle to get there.  And...I have just that for you!

CLICK HERE to see what I'm talking about!

And one more thing: I'm getting REALLY SICK of getting these emails from people asking about the "quickest and easiest" way to make "a lot of money" starting with absolutely nothing for financial resources.  First of all, nothing worthwhile is "quick and easy" otherwise EVERYBODY would be doing it and then there would no longer be an opportunity for it anymore, which is why Internet marketing is dying at a rapid rate.  Because EVERYBODY (including Fortune 500 companies) are doing it!  If you want an opportunity that will make you A LOT of money (but will take some work on your part) then CLICK HERE.  This is that precise blueprint MAP that I was telling you about that is about to change absolutely EVERYTHING for you!

And if you're either one of the "Steve" guys that I'm talking about above, you're not allowed to look at this or participate at don't even ask.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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