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Sunday, June 04 2017

The other day I had to have Time Warner (now Spectrum) service my phones because one of my incoming lines wasn't ringing in.  So, he came in and -- like the LAST time he was in our office -- decided to use our bathroom for a solid 30 minutes while talking on the phone and blowing it out of his ass.  By the time he quickly left, my staff was stuck dealing with a gross mess (not to mention the smell) in our bathroom for, as I mentioned, the second time this same tech serviced the phone lines in our office unit.

I, fortunately, wasn't in the office when this guy showed up because it would have been a show-down at the OK Corral if I was present during this bathroom debacle.  But when I did finally arrive (later in the day), I got endless complaints from my staff about this situation having happened yet a second time with this same exact Time Warner tech who had violated our bathroom on now 2 different occasions.

So...I filed a complaint with Time Warner about this indicating EXACTLY what happened and how I needed it noted in my account that they were to NEVER send the same tech again to my place of business.  It is not my job to offer bathroom facilities to their techs, especially since this particular guy seems to have some kind of bowel disorder.  (Perhaps an Andy Gump potty on this tech's truck would be a more suitable fit for his ass**** issues.)

After filing the complaint, I couldn't stop laughing.  And it wasn't because of the person I had to file the complaint with that made it so funny (although that's pretty funny, too) in what he was probably thinking as I was complaining about this tech.  But it was the supervisor or his field manager that has to give him that "little talk" that will reduce the guy to pure liquid embarrassment that made me laugh so hard.  "Uh...Bill, can I speak to you in my office for a few minutes?  It seems that one of the businesses on your route filed a complaint against you because on two different occasions you..."

I still crack up about it.

It made me stop for a minute and feel a great sense of relief that I DON'T work for corporate America and that I'd NEVER be put in any similar circumstances.  Not ever!

And it really must suck being the one who HAS to deal with issues LIKE this on behalf of working for corporate America, no matter how large or small the company is.  Maybe you're one of those people who has to do things like this. And I can guaranteed you that you probably DON'T want to address issues like this anymore or do even a small percentage of the things you currently do for your boss or employer.

So...why not make the change already?  What's the freaking hold up??

I know, I know.  You have "reasons."  Or rather "excuses" as to why you haven't made that change including...

Don't have the time, don't have the money, don't have the energy...blah, blah, blah.

Then you really DON'T have the interest level needed to be a successful entrepreneur or investor.  It does come down to that reality, as harsh as it is.  And it means it's just not that important to you.  That's fine.  Just stop dreaming about or wishing for something better then if you're not willing to go out and get it.


What if you really ARE one of those people who dreams big and is willing to do what it takes to get there...?  But you just don't have the direct Point A to Point Z path to take to get there yet??

Then I have something incredible for you!  CLICK HERE to listen to a short audio seminar that can completely change EVERYTHING for you!

Remember, nothing changes uyntil you do.  And that's a fact that you can engrave in stone...or tattoo on your arm.  Whatever you need to do to constantly remind yourself that YOU are in charge of your own destiny!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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