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Friday, June 02 2017

I really try to bend over backwards for my student base because they're so important to me.  Lately I've been working overtime to finish projects to ensure that they (YOU) have the best tools possible to do well in the endeavors that interest you the most for both Aggressive and Passive Income Businesses.


Every so often I get that one ass**** who decides to TRY to make my life miserable.  I put "TRY" in all caps because they don't affect me anymore like they used to.  But you always have to wonder why these people think they're going to get one over on me at ANY given time.


The latest "offender" in this group is a student who -- who the hell knows what swamp he crawled out of -- purchased the 100K in 100 Days book LATE (long after the promotion ended).  So, as you recall, we RAN OUT OF BOOKS and had to wait for the next print run to come in.  Yet this ONE GUY kept calling the office and demanding his book when, again, he ordered LATE and we STILL agreed to give him the bonus items anyway...worth well over $500 for a mere $19.95 book purchase.


This SAME GUY ordered the MHP System LATE AGAIN...AFTER the promotion ended.  And we AGAIN offered to give him the bonuses on his late purchase.  Well, guess what?  We ran out of the MHP Systems also (since we had SO MANY ORDERS) and we told him he had to wait since, again, he ORDERED VERY LATE and had to wait.  Well, he called our office demanding to talk to the manager and started bitching and complaining like the whiny bitch that he is.

Listen here to all of you who decide to order anything AFTER our promotion is over...unless you are on our very short list of long-time well-liked "VIP" students, we're not extending out our promotions, bonuses, discounted prices and/or extra goodies with your orders anymore because it seems that when we do this we still get a slew of bitchy, whiny complainers that we can, quite honestly, do without.

Right now I have a promotion on the videos from my last 3-day workshop on becoming a Direct Mail Millionaire.  PLUS I'm offering the bonus of putting you into the next 8-week mentorship group which is, quite possibly, my VERY BEST mentorship group yet:  my Money Funnel 2.0 Mentorship Group.  Plus...for those of you who want to join my last event for the year, I'm doing a Money Funnel 2.0 3-Day Workshop on September 28th - 30th in Valencia, California.  I'm offering a killer kick-ass deal on that too.


For those of you who are late-deal grabbers trying to get in on these promotions AFTER they are over just to bitch and complain about why your package hasn't arrived by drone to your front door 25 minutes after you've placed your order...we won't be honoring those late sliders anymore so CLICK HERE to get in on THIS deal before it's over.

By the way, I'm getting a little tired of getting emails from people asking what the "easiest" and "best" Aggressive Income Business is.  CLICK HERE to find out what it is.  And then stop asking me because it doesn't get any better than this.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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