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Thursday, May 18 2017

MHPs or Mobile Home Parks.

Now, before you start thinking about how "awful" it could potentially be to own a bunch of "trailer parks," seeing the numbers on these types of deals will probably quickly change your mind.

First of all, THERE'S INVENTORY for MHP deals.  This is NOT the case with most other types of asset classes right now.  And if you don't believe me, try looking and let me know what you come up with.

Second of all, there's ALWAYS some kind of "seller financing" that goes along with 99% of the MHP deals out there.  Since there are specialty lenders that handle these types of assets, it's pretty much a given in this business that sellers (and the lenders) will allow for 10% seller financing just right off the bat.

Now, lenders will only usually give an LTV of up to 70%.  So, if 10% is seller carry then...where do you get the other 20%?

This is the strategy that I lay out in my BRAND NEW MHP Cash Flow System for 2017.  Not only do I show you this strategy but I also include a set of brand new MHP private lenders that will get you financing for your deals.

But I didn't even tell you yet why you want to invest in these types of properties.

It's my third point which is this:  MHPs allow you to keep the MOST MONEY in your pocket since it has the smallest expense ratio out of any type of commercial passive income asset class you'd ever invest in.  This means that you can operate your property by paying out the least amount in expenses while keeping the most money out of your gross operating income (GOI).  In other words, this is quite possibly the very best type of real estate investing you can be doing.

And it's definitely the ONLY type of real estate you can really get your hands on right now (pre recession) that's a super hot cash flowing investment vehicle right now.

CLICK HERE to listen to my mind-blowing power-packed audio seminar on how you can cash in big using my latest and greatest MHP cash flow strategies. more thing, perhaps the BEST part of all this:  one of my VERY BEST and MOST ACTIVE investor partners has been doing A LOT of MHP deals with my students since the fall of last year.  I talked to him about 2 weeks ago and he told me something kind of interesting:  "About 90% of the deals we did with your students as partnerships were MHP deals."


Well, this definitely VALIDATED everything I learned to be true about (1) MHP inventory is pretty solid compared to everything else for investment property deals, and (2) there's A LOT of activity going on with MHP deals now even though everything else has slowed down (or stopped) at this point.

But he told me ONE MORE THING:

"I want more MHP deals can we get them?"

I told him that it's simple.  I'll send more students his way who have MHP deals.

So, we're opening up an opportunity FOR YOU to do an investor partnership deal with my investor for MHPs!  And you can submit deals up through and to December 31, 2017.  (Yes, this is extraordinary because before he was only agreeing to August 31st and I twisted his arm to EXTEND it for you!)


Here's the deal:  This is ONLY for those of you who get the NEW MHP Cash Flow System for 2017.  (CLICK HERE to get it now!)

Plus...I'm throwing in ONE MORE BONUS where you'll be able to submit REO foreclosure deals to this same investor when these types of deals start popping up (which will start happening this summer/fall, depending on where you're farming property deals!  (Later this year I'll be releasing The New REO System for 2017 and this will be a bonus for those students as well.  However, they'll ONLY be able to submit REO deals.  YOU will be able to submit MHP deals AND REO deals.  Remember, right now he's doing about 90% of his investor partnerships and bird-dog deals with my students as MHP deals.  So...this is HUGE for you!  And when the REO deals start to swarm the market, you'll have this investor in your back pocket to immediately start sending deals to BEFORE any of my other students will be able to get his contact information.) 

CLICK HERE for the deal.  It ends really soon so...GET ON IT!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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