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Tuesday, May 16 2017
Something I HAD to Donate Book Proceeds to...Duane

A Donation Was Made to This Pup -- Duane "The Rock" -- for His Veterinary Care and Recovery

Duane was found in Tijuana, Mexico where people were throwing rocks and hot water on him just so he would leave. All he was doing was looking for food, scrounging around just to survive.  Someone found him and he had a PERMANENT MUZZLE wrapped around his face so he could barely eat.  He was taken to California where he is currently receiving medical attention and care for a very long recovery.

I'm a huge animal lover and a total sucker for stories like this. This dog has gone through hell and back yet he remains a loving sweetheart.  And yes, he has been adopted to a kind family who is taking good care of him.  But he is in need of A LOT of medical treatment so I had to donate money to his cause.
What bothers me is how sick the world is.  People are sick, disgusting, and pitiful creatures.  Yet strangely, when people are acting out, others may say things like, "He's acting like an animal." Really?  Animals act like humans?  I don't think so.  Far from it in the vast majority of cases.
Then I have to stop myself to remember that the "glass is half full," after all, and there ARE loving people out there including the people who RESCUED this dog from the streets, brought the dog to California for the best kind of veterinary medical care, and to the new family who is giving this angelic pup a kind and loving home.
As little as we can do for kindness to our fellow human beings (even if they don't deserve it) and to animals (pure beings, as I see them), then we are at least doing SOMETHING for humanity.
My take on things: if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.  If you know you're not helping others, maybe it's time to start becoming a better person.  This is your will, after all.
I decided to take part of the 100K in 100 Days book proceeds (of those book orders that came in AFTER the promo May 1st deadline) for this dog's medical care.  And additional book proceeds that come in will go to other animals in need.  (The initial promotional book proceeds went to the organization of to help 3rd world country entrepreneurs fund their businesses.  Post-promotion book proceeds will be donated to other causes like that of the Duane "The Rock" pup.)
The way I look at it, every little act of kindness DOES make the world go around.  Doesn't it?
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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