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Monday, April 24 2017

Not a good start to the week at all.

Early this morning Capital One notifies me that there is fraudulent activity on my personal credit card.  And...was I trying to charge my card $70-something early this morning?

Uh...let's see: I doubt it since I just woke up.

This will be the second credit card compromise that I've been through with Capital One in the past 3 months.  And the compromise before that was on my Disney Visa which is a card that I ONLY use when at Disney Parks, at a Disney Store (and those days are long gone), or on a Disney Cruise.  So...Disney got hacked recently, too.  (I'll bet that's something you'll never hear about in the news.)

It seems that the break-neck progress of the technical age is, in some ways, probably going to be responsible for our downfall of our entire society as we know it.

It's as easy as you walking through a mall and somebody has one of those reader things to pick up your credit card THROUGH your wallet...and now they have your credit card number.  That's how easy it is.  Or buying something online and somebody's e-store gets hacked.  These crooks...if they only knew how easy it was to make money LEGITIMATELY then maybe they'd hang up the crooked stuff and do something else instead!

Like what for instance?

Like my new 100K Treasure Map!

If you haven't checked it out yet, CLICK HERE.  This will blow your mind.  Especially at the price of only $19.95 plus shipping/handling.  PLUS, I'm donating all the proceeds of the 100K in 100 Days book to in the form of loans to small hand-to-mouth business owners all over the world.

What YOU will be getting that future book purchasers won't be getting is just under $300 in bonuses INCLUDING my 100K Treasure Map AND a brand new audio seminar on exactly how all this works.  Yes, this is Aggressive Income.  But no, the Treasure Map that comes with the book is something I've NEVER taught my students before.

CLICK HERE to get the book now before the deadline.  Once we get to the deadline, all the bonuses go away.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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