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Tuesday, April 11 2017
Two BIG Reasons Why the Economy is Starting to Fall Apart!
I'm finally back from Spring Break.  If I'm going to be honest, I really am not ready to jump back into the grind even though I'm back-logged on work, projects, and writing assignments.  (I needed another week AT LEAST on vacation.)   I'm thinking about being with the dolphins last week (see my pic above) and what a wonderful time I had out in Hawaii.  I think next year I'll go for at least 2 weeks.

When I was in Hawaii, I noticed something critical that I wanted you to know to correlate with what I've been saying since last fall: about how we're slipping into a recession a little bit each day.

The first thing I noticed when I was in Hawaii was how "light" it was for Spring Break.  Usually it's so packed with people that you can't find a chair for the beach or near the pool, even getting there at the crack of dawn to save a coveted spot.  Not this year.  We sauntered down by the beach or the pool at 9 or 10 in the morning to find PLENTY of spots to be had.

The other thing I noticed is that it seemed to be Japanese heavy this year.  There are ALWAYS a ton of Japanese tourists in Hawaii since it's so cheap for them to go there.  (It's like Americans going to Mexico.  Super cheap  for them.)  But because it seemed light on American tourism in Hawaii where I was, there seemed to be a significantly higher Japanese tourist population.  I'm imaging that it's probably the same as any other year except that since there were so many Americans MISSING from the tourist equation this year, it seemed that there were more Japanese than usual.

I always tell my students that there are your "first-to-go" indicators to look for and at when seeing the economy begin to unravel at the seams.  The first to go is tourism along with entertainment.  Casinos start taking a hit.  Places like Vegas start feeling the pain too (and especially).  On this last trip, I am seeing how "light" the Spring Break traffic was.
The next thing to go is car sales.  And that's starting to go as we speak.  I was reading an article from Bloomberg as I was sitting at the airport waiting for my flight.  It was about how banks are tightening the reigns on car loans and leases.  It seems that your subprime borrower is slipping in arrears on payments by the droves.  So, only the most qualified will be getting car leases and loans in the months to come, putting a kibosh on free-reign lending practices in the auto industry.  This will DRASTICALLY slow sales and leases on new and used vehicles for your mid-range vehicles (especially Ford and GM products) effective immediately.  (This will NOT affect high-end luxury vehicle sales and leases though.)
It's happening, folks!  The economy is starting to fall apart.  And this time it'll probably take the small remaining balance of the middle class along with it.
A lot of people asked why I stopped investing in Detroit last year. Detroit has STILL been losing population (even when the economy was relatively stabilized over the past handful of years) consistently with each passing year.  The "rebirth" of Detroit was so fragile (and always one foot away from death while the other foot was on cracking ice) from the very beginning (and throughout the "rebuilding" process) that I always strong gust of economic instability would put the city back on death's door. And that's coming back up as we recess into our current recession. (If you're not quite seeing the recession yet, WAKE THE F*** UP!  It's HERE.  You DO NOT and SHOULD NOT wait until you're neck-deep in it in order for you to actually start seeing it!)
You have only a SHORT TIME LEFT to make some heavy life-long decisions relating to your financial stability.  As I mentioned (rather fleetingly), the middle class is diminishing to nothing.  There are already several levels of upper class ranging from the "mass wealthy" to the top 1% of your billionaires.
And then there is the "lower" class which, the way I see it right now, encompasses AT LEAST 80% of the population.  (It may be slightly more but I'm being conservative with my figures here.)  Part of that figure is the barely-hanging-on remaining bit of middle class which, I am guessing, has to be around 15% to 20% of the population.  Maybe.
Why am I telling you all this?
Because this next recession will pretty much ELIMINATE the rest of the middle class as we see it.  And for those who are part of the middle class right now, you'll be pushed down into the lower-class category without you even realizing or knowing that it's happening. (The upper classes will know that the middle class is now LOWER class...but will the middle class know they're in the lower class? Probably not since many live in an alternative delusional reality of how things are in the economy as is let alone knowing WHERE they are in the mix of things.)
Many of you know I'm doing a ONE-TIME-ONLY training on becoming a Direct Mail Marketing Millionaire WITH some online elements added to it.  (So, it's NOT exclusively just direct mail stuff.  You kind of have to do "everything" now with marketing to do well in business.)  
One of the BIGGEST THINGS I'll be laboring on in this training is how you will start targeting these upper-echelon demographics with your products that you'll be selling.  (This is, quite possibly, the MOST IMPORTANT part in all this!)  You will be pretty much ignoring the bottom 80% to 85% of the population who already don't have the money for most anything except for the basics so they definitely don't and won't have the "expendable" income needed to buy your stuff. Yes, your business will become RECESSION-PROOF if you do everything I tell you to do in this upcoming training.
I remember having a conversation in January with this French chef who caters ONLY to the high-class celebrities and other super wealthy people who live in Beverly Hills and Malibu.  I told him that we are coming up on a recession and he told me, without missing a single beat, "It won't affect me at all."
And I thought about it then smiled and told him, "You're absolutely right.  It won't affect you one bit."
This, and with much coaxing from the Mastermind Group that I'm a part of, has started this domino effect of my aggressively changing my current business model while developing a completely new strategy for my new business.  This all MUST change long before we hit "rock bottom" with this new recession because by the time we come up from this one, you'll see that our economic landscape will be MUCH DIFFERENT than what it is now.
Don't be an idiot and wait until you're FORCED to change before you come up with a strategy for this NEW New Economy!  Change LONG BEFORE you are forced into it...or forced into bankruptcy, whichever comes first.
I can make one prediction for you IF you choose NOT to make some drastic financial and business changes for yourself starting RIGHT NOW:  You WILL become part of the lower 80% to 85% "low" class.
But...there IS a way around all this.  There IS a very consistent way to make a ton of money starting now and pushing through this recession.  CLICK HERE!
At some point you MUST stop making excuses.  Stop thinking that life is stacked against you.  Stop thinking that things are not possible for you.  Changing your life financially is not only possible, it's HIGHLY PROBABLE if you follow through and do all the stuff I'm going to be showing you in this incredibly Aggressive Income Business model.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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