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Saturday, April 08 2017

If You're Swimming UPSTREAM, You're Fighting the Current!

A little while ago I started telling you about this powerful book I started reading.  And I just finished it while on my vacation.  What an amazing book!  It's by Esther Hicks called The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide.
As time goes on, I'm taking more notice to how I feel about things, ideas, what people say to me, different concepts, or how I'm "vibrating" as a whole.  When I'm feeling great, I'm vibrating at a high level and therefore can draw in some amazing other high-level vibrating things, people, and happenings into my life.  When I'm vibrating low...well, you can probably guess what I attract into my life.  (Not good stuff, I'll tell you that!)
I've been going a step further and "tapping in" to how I am vibrating when considering a business idea, piece of investment property, or when lining up doing business with someone.  I take note on how I'm feeling inside. Excited?  Uncertain?  Happy?  Sad?  These feelings are usually determining on EXACTLY what you can expect overall with this deal, person,  business idea/plan. etc.  I suggest you tap into how you're feeling about something and see where your energy is flowing.  High or low? Happy or sad?  You get the picture.  (Or the "feeling," rather.)
What's interesting that I learned through the book I started telling you about is that most of us waste our entire lives doing what Esther Hicks calls going "upstream" which is NOT what you want to do.  This is when something feels "forced" or like "work" or when it makes you miserable, sad, upset, or feeling like you're going against the grain.
However, on the flip side, when you are feeling elated like everything is falling into place and you are vibrating at a high "pitch," this means you are going "downstream" which is basically taking the EASY route to your dreams and desires.  In other words, when you let go and stop forcing, overworking, stressing, or trying to pound a plan (relationship or whatever) together, not only does it almost NEVER work out but you lower your vibrational levels and you end up miserable, out of sorts, and not getting what you want anyway.
Everything you want is DOWNSTREAM.  Everything you DON'T want (or shouldn't have...because it's not good for you) is upstream.  Taking the easy route to all of your desires is taking the downstream route.  Struggling and pounding puzzle pieces together while being unhappy...upstream.
And this goes for EVERYTHING in life including your business, investing, relationships, raising your children, healing your body, and even losing weight.  EVERYTHING!
I've provided a picture of what the cover looks like in case you want to pick up a copy of it, maybe on Amazon or at your local bookstore.

I think of it like trying to swim up Niagara Falls vs. taking a barrel down the falls and just floating down the river.  It's actually impossible to swim up the falls.  Not only is it frustrating but it makes many of us feel like failures by trying to constantly keep swimming upstream when, in many cases, it's completely futile.

What areas of life are YOU trying to constantly swim upstream in?

In my personal relationships in life, I pretty much walked away (except only retaining that relationship with my daughter, of course).  Strangely, because I walked away, everything is so freaking EASY now.  All the parts that I tried pounding into place for many years are, all of a sudden, gracefully falling into place WITHOUT me doing ANYTHING.

I had an issue with trying to figure out a final piece to my newest business. I threw my hands up, said I'd figure it out somehow after my vacation, and let it go (going downstream with it).  Then suddenly the piece just dropped into place without ANY effort on my part.  Mind you, this is a piece I had been struggling with going UPSTREAM for more than a year now.

So, how do you know if you're upstream or downstream?  If it feels like a struggle or like miserable work or that something is "off" then it's upstream. If you feel excited, happy, ecstatic and "in flow" vibrationally with it then it's downstream.

Everything you want is downstream.

You want to have MAXIMUM leverage with minimal effort and time.

I also have something else I want you to check out for a business strategy that can also help SOME of you feel that sense of going "downstream" with maximum profits through minimum efforts.  CLICK HERE for more information about it!

Of course, this is NOT for everyone.  But it just may be what YOU have been looking for!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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