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Thursday, April 06 2017
You Gotta Be Ballsy to Get What You Want in Life!
Greetings from Honolulu, Hawaii
Happy Spring Break! catch you up on what's going on, I'm in Honolulu right now.  Just spent $90K on a time share.  And then wondered what possessed me to want to buy a Louis Vuitton bag that exceeded $2,000.  Sometimes you have to just break down and ask yourself...WTF is going on in my life??
As you can tell, though, we're having a blast here.  I tend to come to Hawaii once a least try to.  As my daughter gets older, I make it a point to travel more even though I really don't like it.  I hate down time.  I hate taking time off.  I hate NOT working.  But...sometimes you just have to give yourself a breather.  Even if it's for a short time.
And this DOES pay off for "work" much of time time.  Here's how:
For instance:  I just discovered a "missing piece" that I needed to complete a portion of my skincare empire.  And I did it by spending more than $1,000 on skincare products that I know I'll never use, told the store clerk I'd end up throwing all of it away, and even told her that I'd be ripping off parts of her product line which is why I was buying the products (and for no other reason).
I realized this one thing while being here this time around: sometimes when "letting go" and NOT thinking (or doing) work all the time, sometimes pieces of the puzzle just fall together.  Mostly when you're NOT trying to pound the pieces together or force it all to work out.
And other times you get what you want when you grow some balls and just go get it.  Just get out there and GET what you want!
Check out the picture!  
This is my friend Martha who I brought with us to Hawaii.  We were having pizza on the beach and this duck came from nowhere, basically sat in her lap, and demanded that we all feed him (or her) pizza.  And we did.  What else do you do with a 7-pound duck sitting in your lap, quacking away, and basically demanding food?  You give him the freaking food or risk losing your fingers and limbs if you don't!
Of course, at this moment, I was about 6 drinks in and would have probably given the duck anything, even the keys to my $112,000 BMW but...he probably wouldn't have wanted that.  After all, it's not that digestible.
This month I've had some incredible clarity on A LOT of things in my life that were formerly "fuzzy" at best.  I feel like I'm finally pulling out of a long-time fog.  I know many of you are feeling that way too so maybe it was a universal thing that a lot of us felt on a mass level.
What I also feel is that many of us will be able to take advantage of some quite profitable times ahead IF we know how to position ourselves.  Many of you know that I am now part of this high-level Mastermind Group and one of the things we talked at great length about was this ONE MISSING KEY COMPONENT that I was almost refusing to implement for the last several years.  Now this component is pretty much REQUIRED to implement for those of us who want to not just survive but THRIVE in business (and investing) in the years ahead.
(My Viper Wealth Newsletter students will know EXACTLY what one of these major key secrets are when they read the April 2017 issue of their newsletter, due in their mail boxes any second now.  If you're not a Viper Wealth Member, I STRONGLY suggest you become a part of is ASAP by CLICKING HERE!)
So, what is this "secret" to massive wealth and prosperity, especially as we start to downward spiral into another recession as the months drone on?
This is one of the KEY THINGS I will be talking about in this next phase of my Aggressive Income Business Strategies.  CLICK HERE or on the button below now to get an idea of just how incredibly profitable this can be for you!
In the meantime, if you haven't had any fun this year yet for Spring Break, maybe take the weekend off.  You just may have your next multi-BILLION-dollar idea simply by letting it all go.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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