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Tuesday, April 04 2017
Where I'm At and What I'm Drinking Right Now!
They Say It's Past Noon Somewhere...Or Whatever They Say!
As I sit here sipping on my Blue Hawaiian drink in Honolulu, I'm thinking back on my rather tumultuous 2017 so far, knowing damn well that I deserve this drink and MANY MANY MORE.
Yes, it's been a rough year...mostly on the emotional front.  But all that pain is gone now, folks.  Long gone, in fact.  And all I have to look forward to is NOW and the future.
And that's what you have, too.  Now and the future.  That's it.  Nothing else.  So how you navigate your own ship will determine your journey and destination.  After all, we can go where ever our little hearts desire.
I'm reading this book now.  I'll tell you more about it later on after I'm done with it.  It makes so much sense to me.  So many times we let our logic minds talk ourselves out of the things we really want to do in life because we have to be "responsible" and "stay on course with what our parents wanted" or some other reason to keep doing the things we know are going against our "internal grain."
I had such a situation recently when I attended a high-level Mastermind Group.  I actually had to include my own DISCLAIMER before I started speaking before the group:  "I know you're going to want me to keep doing that real estate training stuff but I don't want to do that anymore, no matter what you tell me otherwise."  Or something to that effect.
I had an investor partner contact me recently.  He wanted to do some type of somewhat complicated deal and wanted my help in executing it.  I didn't return his phone call.  I'm just not interested.
The "guru" who was conducting the Mastermind Group told me... "Well if you'd only focus on higher echelon clients such as dentists like our other group member here."  I won't mention who that other person is.  Besides, he sucks anyway.
I had to remind him again...NOT INTERESTED.
Then I started questioning myself.  Am I REALLY making the right decision here?  After all, I'm so freaking good at what I do.  I mean...REALLY good at it.  So, is it RIGHT to let it go knowing how good at it I am and how profitable it is for me?
Here's a good indicator for you (and me as well).  If you think about it and it makes you either marginally ill to full-on puking in the bushes because you can no longer stomach it (now matter what "it" is: your career, your job, your relationship, whatever), it's time to let it go and leave it behind for SOMETHING ELSE.  Let it go for something better...even if you don't yet know what that "something better" is. 
I think I mentioned to many of you post-seminar that I felt a little "lost," as if I was a CEO at a company who was just given her pink slip, packed up her bank box full of stuff including a small plant and some picture frames, then headed home to walk around my house aimlessly.
And what do you know?  It was the first time I looked out my back balcony window and noticed my swimming pool.  I mean really NOTICED it.  And I asked myself... "When was the last time I actually went swimming?"
I DIDN'T know, it had been so long.  Sad, really.  I have an awesome life to enjoy but a mind and lifestyle that's not letting me enjoy it.
Time to stop being so busy.  Time to stop doing the things I DO NOT want to do anymore.
And maybe you're in the same boat too.
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In the meantime, it's time for me to order another round.  We'll catch up again soon.
Be well, my friend.
See you at the top...or at the beach.  Or somewhere.
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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