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Sunday, April 02 2017

I get a little tired of some of my students only reading HALF the story, doing HALF the work while waiting TWICE the time to actually kick their businesses into gear...usually getting started at the WRONG times using OUTDATED information and strategies.

If you want to continue to be a student of mine, you MUST commit to whatever it is you want to do.  And you must commit 110%...not a half-assed, half-baked "commitment" on your part otherwise you won't be successful in doing anything at all.

I had a student of mine email me a few days ago about how he's "confused" because one minute he claims I state that the Internet makes fortunes and the next minute it's "dying."  To be clear, it depends on WHAT course materials he's reading from.  Things dated 2015 and back are going to read very differently than what the strategies are TODAY, especially online.  So, without being clear as to what "course materials" he's referring to, it's kind of hard to throw a dart and guess on my part.

But what he's failing to understand is that, yes, Internet marketing IS dying when taking into account that in 2010 you were able to advertise most anything on Google AdWords and NOW YOU CAN'T.  And taking into account that in recent years you could, again, advertise most anything on Yahoo! and now they're pulling advertisers off left and right.  And then there's Facebook...the "last man standing," if you will which, in and of itself, is EXTREMELY PROFITABLE.  I have students making well over $50,000 a month IN PROFITS using JUST FACEBOOK.  So, if "dying" means that you're "only" clearing $50,000 in profits per month, you really need to re-evaluate what kind of dough you need coming in per month if that's not quite enough for you.  (And if you're barely "squeezing by" with $50,000 per month in profits, let me suggest that you quit your cocaine habit while laying off going to the strip bars so much.)

With that said, yes.  Internet marketing IS dying but isn't dead.  It just gets harder and harder to make it work which is why I keep telling my students to add what I call "offline" marketing strategies back into their business models.  My favorite, of course, is using direct mail marketing because you can literally control how much or little you make based on how much you want to mail.  And it's so freaking consistent that it beats the pants off of the unreliability that Internet marketing has now become.

For those of you who are getting started in Affiliate Marketing, this is the fastest and easiest vehicle to making from a few thousand to $20,000+ per month in profits with no corporate to set up, no product to create, no marketing to design (except for your simple, basic one-page website), no product liability, no product delivery, no employees, and no customer service issues to deal with.  So, it's essentially the PERFECT business model.  And yes, I just released the Affiliate Bonanza Marketing Modules last week.  If you didn't get them and you want them, CLICK HERE.

But for those of you who DON'T want to rely solely on the Internet and Internet marketing, would like to actually FAR EXCEED that few thousand or more per month in profits and want a serious "evergreen" business (one that doesn't change every 3 months due to competition and algorithm/policy changes with online marketing venues) that stays relatively the same for many years then you need to CLICK HERE NOW and listen to a 10-minute audio segment on how you can notch it up!  I have something really special here that will blow your freaking mind.

The bottom line is this, folks:  NONE of these businesses work themselves.  You have to put some effort and elbow grease into any of these business models that I present to you.  I DO NOT pack a little workhorse elf into the packages that I send out with the courses and modules that you purchase from me.  So, there's nobody but YOU to implement these strategies which means that you must quickly open your package, study the hell out of the stuff that I send you as quickly as possible, then -- most importantly -- start DOING the stuff that you learned because, yes, much of this stuff DOES change every 6 months to a year (not by my design, of course).  And by choosing to do little or nothing with the stuff I send to you, it's nobody else's fault but your own when nothing happens for you.


So, start DOING IT.  Stop DOUBTING.  Stop MAKING EXCUSES.  And start freaking DOING IT already!


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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