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Friday, March 31 2017

I know many of you think I'm always on a man-bashing campaign but the opposite is actually true.  I honor men who are really,  Real men, that is.  Those who aren't get the wrath of me because there's simply NO EXCUSE for this type of what I'm about to describe in the next second or so.

I was driving to Kohl's to get a beach bag for my upcoming spring break trip when this loser dude starts smiling and waving at me.  Now, that in and of itself isn't deemed "loser-ism" but the rest of what I'll be describing definitely does.  He was holding a sign, one I chose not to read because I can pretty much figure out what it said without wasting my time reading it.  Something about needing money because of this or that loser reason.  (I didn't get to the real "loser" part yet so bear with me.)  He had his wife sitting cross-legged on the grass next to a tree holding their infant baby. Yes, THAT is where the loser-ism part of the story comes in.  What kind of LOSER MAN drags his wife (or girlfriend or whoever she is) and infant child out to sit posted as "props" for the "feel-sorry-for-me" effect to get money from people because this hapless idiot apparently REFUSES to get a job or get work somewhere?

Now, I'm BIG on giving money to people who are down and out, sometimes to a fault!  But this set-up with Loser Guy with wife/girlfriend and infant in tow...completely sickening to the core of my stomach.  I couldn't even look at the guy and, for the first time ever, actually considered calling the local police department to have this idiot moved along...but I didn't call.  I probably should have though to stop him from harassing everyone else with his poorly-executed scheme.

I keep thinking about the wife/girlfriend and if she realizes what a total deadbeat she's with.  And I'm feeling sorry for her because, for some reason, she doesn't feel that she deserves MUCH better that what this guy can offer to her (which is clearly nothing).  (I could tell she was embarrassed about being out there, as she looked at the ground most of the time as cars passed by.  At what point is she ever going to tell herself, "I definitely deserve BETTER than being a pawn in my husband's low-life panhandling money-grab scheme."

And as my daughter pointed out (because she can smell a scam from a mile away), the baby's clothes and stroller were "too nice" for them to be destitute and homeless.  She's right.  I was, however, too busy being mad at the douche bag guy to look at the baby's clothing and stroller.

To me -- and this is just ME talking, after all -- making money doing just about ANYTHING ELSE than panhandling is MUCH EASIER than panhandling.  Many of our days out here in Valencia, California are in the 80s, 90s, and 100s.  Too hot to be begging for change under a tree in a parking lot somewhere, sucking in all the car fumes (risking the baby's health) and wondering when/where the hell my life went wrong so fast.

In fact, I'm leveling up both the skill-set AND money-making potential for my next powerful Aggressive Income Strategy.  If you haven't yet taken a look at it, I strongly suggest that you CLICK HERE.  This is one of those entrepreneurial endeavors that, if you do it, you can guarantee that you'll NEVER been like the loser guy in the parking lot as described above.  You'll, instead, be picking out the plans for the dream house you'll be building for yourself and your family.

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See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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