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Tuesday, March 21 2017

I was just telling one of my staff members (Rose) the other day that I noticed a huge shift in the past decade with women wanting to be more proactive with their money-making endeavors.  Years and years ago when we did direct mail marketing campaigns for our courses, we actually paid extra to delete women out of the mailing list for two (2) reasons:  (1) for the most part many didn't want to be proactive with their own financial futures so they wouldn't respond to our offers, or (2) they would complain that it was "too hard," or would whine about something else as an excuse to not be proactive with their finances.  So...out of the database the ladies went. We didn't want the hassle that many of them brought in.

Then I noticed about a decade ago -- actually less, maybe about 6 or 7 years ago -- that there was this major shift.  Women suddenly WANTED to be very proactive with their financial futures by wanting to invest or start a business on their own.  And now?  It's more obvious than ever that women really want to make their own money, be their own bosses, and really control their destiny on their own...probably realizing that they can be just as powerful (if not more powerful) than their male counterparts.

But now, over the past few years, I'm starting to notice another trend that's REALLY disturbing to me.  Now, as a FULL DISCLAIMER for what I'm about to say. I have some AMAZING men that are part of the World of Monica Main who are students of mine.  So, what I'm going to say now does NOT reflect on all men that are part of my student base.  Some of my male students are so in-tuned, understanding, and really awesome all the way around.  So, again, what I'm about to say does NOT include you (if you're one of the amazing guys I'm talking about).

But...on the flip side: I'm also noticing more and more men who are becoming (as Bill Maher of Real Time on HBO would describe these guys as) whiny little bitches.  Seems that some of them had their balls lopped off at some point in their pitiful lives...if they ever grew a pair to begin with (and I'm banking on the latter).

So this one particular loser who we'll call Jeff K. decides to send me an email threatening me with an "or else" if I don't send him my latest Affiliate Bonanza Mentorship Modules without him having to pay for it.  This Jeff loser contacted me a couple months ago wanting me to let him into the Affiliate Bonanza Mentorship Group without paying for it.  This was, of course, after the group was already full and had began.  So, I told him no.  He continued whining about how he bought the Money Funnel System back 2 years ago and the stuff was "outdated," as he put it.  Of course it's outdated today, here in 2017, because the Internet marketing stuff pretty much needs to be updated every 6 months.  So, OF COURSE something that's 2 years old about the Internet is GOING to be outdated. (This is what happens when my students buy something, never break it out of the shrink-wrap or use it, then wonder why the stuff is outdated 2 years later.  How about opening the f****** course, USE IT and make money with it IMMEDIATELY after receiving it??  What a concept!)

So, this Jeff K. idiot disappeared then re-emerged last week once he found out that I now have the Affiliate Bonanza Mentorship Modules available for those who want to profit between $5,000 and $20,000 with a SUPER SIMPLE online business requiring no employees, no products, no customer service, and no headaches.  Again, Jeff K. demanded to get these Affiliate Bonanza Mentorship Modules without paying for them because, after all, he bought the Money Funnel System back in 2015, never did anything with it, and now the material is outdated because...well, in case you haven't noticed, it's now 2017 and ANYTHING written about online marketing 2 years ago is now outdated.

I told him to basically screw off (but not as kindly) and so I got the "give this to me for nothing...or else" email from him after that.  This email was then forwarded to my attorney and it looks like Jeff K. will probably end up going to jail for making physical threats to me because this idiot doesn't realize that I have his contact information...INCLUDING his home address on file.  Loser.  Why he'd think he could "strong arm" something out of me just blows my mind.

What's strange about these whiny little bitches (which, coincidentally, are usually men and almost never include any women) is that even if I did give up these powerful Affiliate Bonanza Mentorship Modules for nothing, nothing would be done with this powerful material.  This Jeff K. would come back around in ANOTHER 2 years, complaining that the materials are, yet again, outdated and would demand something else for nothing because he was too lazy, inept, or stupid to do anything about these powerful strategies to begin with as they remained in shrink-wrap on his bookshelf like the other stuff did.

In the meantime, I tried to explain to this loser that -- while he was doing completely nothing with the materials he purchased back in 2015 -- I have DOZENS of students making well over $50,000 a month using the materials he claims doesn't work because they're outdated. These were my students who proactively got the system, worked the system, and are now STILL making boatloads of money with the materials.  Of course, they have evolved with the changes that happened with the Internet PLUS they also invested the time and effort to do the 2 seminar trainings earlier last year to stay up on what's changed in Internet marketing.  Yes, these people are PROACTIVE in making sure they know everything they need to know to continue making big bucks with their Internet marketing.  And no, they're not expecting the shrink-wrapped course to jump off their bookshelf and do the work FOR them.  One more thing, we're talking about BOTH men and women who are making this kind of money.

On top of that, this idiot proceeds to demand that I give up all the contact info to my students who are making all this money.  I can't do that.  I'd be in legal hot water so fast that my head would spin by breaching implied confidentiality with my students.  Plus they'd be pretty pissed at me for revealing their information to someone who -- seemingly so -- is an apathetic psychopath.

So, here's the deal, folks; and this applies to ALL of you!  Laziness will get you nowhere.  Whining will get you nowhere.  Trying to strong-arm your way through life will only get you in trouble, either by getting your ass beat or landing your ass in jail, one of the two, and will obviously get nowhere.  If you're one of those types of people, you have a pretty obvious choice: choose to say "enough is enough" and state "I'm ready to take control of my life by taking full responsibility, starting NOW."  OR...just keep being a lazy pitiful POS.  Those are your ONLY two choices.  There are no other options.

Many of you know that my fuse for tolerating sap-suckers has completely burned out...years ago, in fact.  I started from nothing, became a millionaire several times over after having lost a fortune a few times, and I work for what I get without excuses, crying or whining about it.  I don't expect ANYONE to give me ANYTHING.  I take the bull by the horns, make my own way, make my own fortune using the same strategies that I teach my students, and I'm only willing to take those of you who really want to do this along with me on the ride.  For the rest of you whiny cry babies out there, kick rocks.  Okay?  Because until you change your mind-set and understand that only YOU take responsibility for your destiny, you'll end up exactly nowhere.  And any money-making endeavor won't do anything for you until you're ready to take responsibility for your destiny.

The good news is that MOST of you are already of that mind-set.  You're willing to do anything and everything for yourself and your financial future including discovering the latest, most cutting-edge strategies for making money AND you're willing to implement these strategies QUICKLY. (Let me warn you that my Affiliate Bonanza Mentorship Modules are good for about a year before the training will have to be done again or updated because of how quickly the Internet changes.)

Let me tell you about the Affiliate Bonanza Marketing stuff: this is the easiest, lowest cost, highest and quickest profit money-making machine that you could ever hope for if you want to start out making profits of $5,000 to $20,000 a month online.  This means you can start a very simple home-based business that will NEVER require employees or product to develop (or stock or ship) or admin headaches like customer service phone calls or processing credit cards.  All of this is done for you.  All you do is set up a simple one-page website and send traffic to your simple website using a VERY SIMPLE yet highly effective online marketing strategy.  This is for those of you who have been blowing up my email inbox and calling my office for the past several months wondering what the easiest, lowest cost, yet quickest way to profit with a simple Aggressive Income Business...THIS is the business!  THIS is it!

CLICK HERE for a short 8-minute audio seminar that explains how powerful this is.

Remember, YOU are in charge of your own destiny.  YOU and YOU ONLY.  Stop blaming everybody else for why your life isn't going the way you want and start navigating your own life into better financial waters.  STARTING NOW.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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