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Friday, March 10 2017

I can't remember exactly what year it was but I'm thinking 2012/2013-ish when a student of mine -- Patricia -- swung by my office (she was in town from Arizona) and brought me a bottle of champagne.  This was in anticipation of me ending my real estate investing training sessions...for good.  And yes, I've been talking about this for, oh, I guess now 5 years.

A half-decade goes by fast when you're not paying attention.

And after this Detroit Underground Secret Event, I realized that I taught everything I possibly can teach on no-cash-no-credit real estate strategies, especially the strategies you'll need NOW and in the next few years as we burrow down into our upcoming recession.  So, this event marked my final chapter in this legacy of my life.

When I boarded my flight back to LA the day after the event ended, I was sooooo freaking exhausted that I ended up sleeping on most of the flight back.  (This is rare; it's very hard for me to sleep on a plane.)  Once home, it took me another week to recover my voice, bearings, and my mind, come to think of it.  I felt like I was in a cloud of confusion for awhile, much like what I felt when I first brought my daughter back from the hospital some 8 1/2 years ago.  I kept telling my staff that I felt like a CEO of a company who was just give the pink slip then packed up my desk in a bank box and brought it all home.  I walked around my house wondering... "Okay, what now?"

Sometimes you have to close the doors on things you know you don't want in your life.  Close those doors.  Even if you don't know where the next door is that will open.  And yes, that next door WILL open for you once you close the other door.  It just happens.

Except it didn't happen for me until this morning when I finally let it go.

I had some vague idea what the next chapter would be but I didn't know how I wanted to best serve my students in this next phase of my life.  Now I know...and I'll be sharing more details about what this is in the next week.  (It's some exciting sh**!)

Back to real estate investing, since this really IS IT when it comes to no-cash-no-credit real estate training then you MUST get the videos of this kick-ass event.  In no other event did I pack so many strategies into one venue and it was a long 3 days, longer than most events that I conduct.  The first day was all about getting money for your deals.  I talked about every strategy you could ever use and need to get cash for your deals.  The next day I talked about how to find deals in our current economic climate (with little inventory) and how to do no-cash-no-credit deals (yes, even now).  And on the final day I included the most powerful Aggressive Income Cash Flow Strategies for Real Estate Investing.  I even had my successful investing student -- Cynthia Kelly -- talk about a brand new way to make a huge cash flow in real estate...never talked about at ANY of my prior events until this and will never be talked about again since I'm not doing real estate events anymore.

Yes, you need to get these videos if you are SERIOUS about making a killing in our current and upcoming real estate market.  CLICK HERE to get them now!

Also, I have an investor partner  who will be extending his contact info to nothing more than a few more of my students...and that's it.  He made it clear that he didn't want more than 50 people having it and we're just about there.

CLICK HERE NOW to get his contact information.

Maybe this is YOUR new door to open.

In the meantime, I have to open that bottle of champagne now!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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