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Thursday, March 02 2017
The End of an Era

The End of an Era...But How Do I Know This is the End? 

Or Maybe It's Just the Beginning of Something New!

Last weekend has been...interesting to say the least as I wrapped up the final day of my 3-day Underground Secret Event in Detroit for real estate investing.  Bitter sweet for me in so many ways and on so many levels. Let me tell you why...
So...the good and the bad:
The bad first, just to get it out of the way.  
This last event I did for Real Estate Cash Flow was probably the most challenging of all and NOT because I didn't know the content like the back of my hand (because I can teach this stuff in my sleep) but...there were a lot of "behind the scenes" emotional challenges and baggage that I had been dealing with for months before and up through the event. (For my Viper Wealth students who read my newsletter cover to cover, you have a good handle on what these challenges have been for me.)
Endings are hard...or can be hard.  Especially when many times there is, perhaps, an unknown or un-fleshed-out future.  I did know that it was time to close a chapter that I've been threatening to close for -- gosh, it's been 5 freaking years already -- and now the chapter is officially closed.  
And to be clear, I'm talking about my "retirement" from speaking on the topic of real estate investing.  Yes, I'm good at what I do both as an investor and as a trainer.  But just because we're good at something doesn't mean we're passionate about it (anymore) and should continue doing it because we're good at it.
So, yes, it's bitter-sweet for me because I love training people and I love making millionaires.
However, it's not over for me.
Here's the good part...
I left a legacy of some of the most powerful real estate investing strategies I've ever presented in one single event.  What's most important about this particular event is that it's catered specifically to TODAY'S market and how the market will unfold in the next couple of years due to our upcoming recession.
In other words, I'm leaving you with some very powerful strategies that you can use to get very wealthy in real estate within the next 12 to 36 months if you follow through with everything I presented at this power-packed 3-day event.
And yes, you can get these strategies all on video of the entire 3-day event including the materials given to my students.
With every ending is a new beginning.  Many of you may have noticed in the past couple of months (starting with about late December) that there has been a lot of "activity" going on in your life...maybe with personal relationships or maybe with your work/career (or both).  
Without getting into specifics on why this is, if you've noticed certain things (or people) who have appeared in your life while others have been "eclipsed" out completely by February 26th (or thereabouts), the people, situations, and career/work that are left standing are here to stay.
What's gone is gone for good and it's for the best.  Trust me on this.  So, just go with the flow and embrace a new life, new people, and new awesomeness that is on the horizon for you!
For me, I feel like I'm a character in a thriller movie where I got the "twist" ending, something completely unexpected.  And by this past Sunday, I knew where all the cards had finally landed after waiting for so long for the end result.
One of these "twist" endings has to do with my personal life which I'm not going to get into detail about.  (More later on, for sure.)  
The other ending was one I saw coming...the end of my legacy as a real estate investing trainer to now go on to do much more important work that I have a deep passion about having to do with both Aggressive Income Strategies and Success Inner Work.  (More on that later too.)
What I cherish about this Detroit event is how much fun I always have with my students.  We go out every night and laugh...and laugh and laugh about everything.  I think it really helps me and my students to be able to create this bond where they always know I'm there for them and they know that they make me happy by just hanging out after each event day.
When I say I'm always here for you guys and gals, I am.  Even though I'm not going to be training on the topic of real estate anymore through seminar event venues, I'm here to help assist you in any way I can via email.  My direct email address is so add that to your email contact list.
In the meantime, I want you to click here and listen to my audio seminar, watch the testimonial videos from the seminar, and understand just how important it is to grab onto these seminar videos so that you can fully understand exactly how to build real estate wealth using my most cutting-edge investing strategies. 
Also, one last thing:  the investor partner who attended this event and met some of my students has an amazing offer to be able to contact him directly but ONLY for a select few of you.  CLICK HERE to find out more.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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