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Thursday, February 16 2017

Last week I broke down and saw a psychic palm reader lady because I just wanted to do something to break the monotony of my life...which was pretty devastating on a personal level all through January.  I got a referral to see this lady that was over an hour away from me but I figured if she was that "accurate" as I was told, it would be well worth the drive out there.  So, I did it. Got into my new car and opened her up on the 210 freeway out to the San Bernardino area from L.A.

On my way there, about halfway into the drive, I suddenly found myself being attacked by some kind of weird moth that suddenly showed up in my car.  Mind you, I did NOT have the windows or sunroof open so either it was lying in wait for its malicious attack on me or it was "manifested" itself from the side of the dark, maybe warning me of what was about to come.  I don't know.  It was kind of "horror movie-ish" the way it happened.  At one point the little sucker ended up on my elbow so I rolled down the window and desperately had my arm waving out the window, car swerving right to left.  The people behind me probably thought I was either drunk or psychotic but the vicious moth did disappear after relinquishing its death-grip on my sweatshirt, probably from the sheer force of the 90-mile-an-hour winds it was subjected to on the freeway.

In a seedy part of Pomona, California, I found myself circling this house on a somewhat busy street that had this cheese-ball over-sized sign showcasing a drawing of some lady's face with a scarf wrapped around her head, staring into a crystal ball.  I couldn't help but to laugh thinking... "I came all the way out here for THIS sh**??"  But, no, I had to keep an open mind, right?  So I went up to the door, rang the doorbell, and had an older lady dressed in pajamas open the door to tell me that she's been "expecting" me, as if my showing up was unannounced or something.  But I did have an appointment so...of course she was expecting me.

After sitting in her "parlor" for longer than I wanted, looking at all of her overly tacky decorations and wondering if I wasn't sitting in a replica of Donald Trump's gaudy Manhattan apartment, she finally "called me in" to the table where she had a pile of Tarot cards waiting for me.  Immediately as I sat down and before any "reading" started, she told me that I was "broken" inside.  (Who the hell isn't?)  Anyone coming to a psychic reader probably feels "broken" on some level anyway so...I guess she was right.  Broken in the head for thinking she could give any real "answers" to my future destiny.

She took my palm and told me that I was to have 3 children...except for now I only have one biological child and I'm 42 so...unless there are 2 step-children in my immediate future, I don't see how birthing anymore children is really in my future.  Although Janet Jackson did just deliver a kid last year at age 50 so I guess anything's possible, right?  She immediately said I was married 3 times and that there was a 4th guy coming in who would be older than me (between 2 and 10 years) and of Middle Eastern or European decent.  She also predicted that he would have a child already, a girl younger than my daughter.  Here I was would she know I've been married a dismal 3 times? maybe she really WAS accurate, I started thinking.  She said I gave my heart to only ONE of the 3 husbands.  Again, dead-on accurate.  I was starting to get a little spooked out at this point.

Then she went onto say that I'll always have huge success with money but that I'm "unlucky" in love, she kept saying.  On and on and on, in fact.  I had "bad luck" with love and this bad luck would carry on for at least another 8 years. Eight more f****** years of soul-crushing misery in the love department?  I started tuning her clap-trap out at this point.  I refuse to believe in "bad luck" of any kind because, after all, we CAN control our destiny.  At least this is what I believe.

Her "sales pitch" then started.  She informed me that she could "clear out" all this "bad luck" if I'd pay her $685 cash (no checks or credit cards) for this "clearing" that she was going to do with me.  I left thinking, Should I spring for this $685 "clearing" thing that she wants to do?  Nah.  I started to think about all those people on shows like 20/20 who were taken, slowly but surely, by these so-called "psychics" who would nickel-and-dime them until one day they realize, months later, they've been taken for tens of thousands of dollars...or much more...on "promises" of making their lives better in some way.

On my way home I was, again, about half way through my trip when this weird large ant with wings came from nowhere and started attacking me in the car.  This convinced me that this woman was practicing on the dark side and it was best that I didn't get anymore "services" from her...then hoping she wasn't going to put a curse on me for leaving without coming back with the $685 cash she was expecting from me.

The dark side is NOT where you want to be when practicing working your "magic" with the universe because it will ALWAYS bite you in the end.  In this case, it almost bit this freaking ant/fly thing was trying to have its way with my flesh before I had to open EVERY window in my car to blow the little sh** out of the car and onto the freeway.  That's when I realized, ALWAYS be on the side of the light and NEVER on the side of the dark.

I was recently reading a book written by Esther Hicks.  If you haven't read her work, I recommend that you do.  She works with the teachings of Abraham.  I was reading this interview that she had done with Wayne Dyer that's transcribed and printed in a book called Co-Creating At Its Best: A Conversation Between Master Teachers.  She talks about flying at a high or low "disc" which essentially means choosing to vibrate at a high energy vibration vs. a low energy vibration.  High energy vibration means attracting nothing but goodness, happiness, joy, and everything that's connected to vibrating at those frequencies (which includes awesome people, abundance, and just pure awesomeness).  And, on the flip side, low energy vibration means attracting all the low-life sludge that life has to throw at you including depression, bad people, negative happenings, poverty, and everything else attached to vibrating at these lower frequencies.  Who wants THAT to be a part of their lives anymore?

Listen, if you think "flipping the switch" and going from low vibrational energy to high vibrational energy is difficult, THINK AGAIN.  It's VERY EASY once you understand the basic concept behind it.  I recently started doing these powerful and amazing almost "magical" techniques each day for about 15 minutes per day and it's AMAZING how quick it works to raise your energy to heights that make you feel absolutely incredible.  And when you feel incredible, incredible things start happening for you in your life automatically.  You can also HEAL your heart and anything "broken" within you almost instantly by flying at your high vibrational energy levels WITHOUT the help of some "expert" or, God forbid, some psychic/palm reader for a cash down payment.

Then taking it a step further, you can then MANIFEST EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT with specific intention using this one particular strategy that will draw in anything you want almost AT COMMAND.  Just be careful of what you want because you WILL get it.  Make sure it's what you really want or do what I do and add that little sentence to it that basically says "...this or something much, much better will come to me."  This way you're "covered" in the event that you're manifesting something that really isn't good for you.

If you haven't checked out my new Success Sync System, you MUST do it...and do it right now.  CLICK HERE to listen to a short audio seminar that will blow your mind.  Yes, you CAN have what you want in life and MUCH MORE because you deserve it.  You just have to know HOW to get it and be willing to put in about 15 minutes per day to make it happen.  Are you willing to do it?  Yes?  That's what I thought.  CLICK HERE NOW to check it out.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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