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Sunday, February 12 2017

Okay, we made it through.  Do you feel that there has been a sudden "lightening up" for you?

I know I've felt a little lighter.  I've been pulled down into a mucky cesspool for almost 2 weeks now with one miserable situation after another.  I feel much lighter.  Maybe it's because it FINALLY stopped raining here in Southern California!

I sent you an email a couple of days ago letting you know about something new and powerful that I have for you.  It's called Success Sync.  And it can change absolutely everything for you in only a few days...IF you let it.

But this is NOT for everyone.  I gave you an example of one of my students who is so negative about everything -- even trying to bring down other people when they tell her about a new business they have, a new relationship they're in, or anything new and awesome happening in their lives -- she'll be the first one front row and center immediately giving them all the reasons why they'll fail, or why the relationship won't work, or why they should just give up and die instead of bothering anymore.  Because this is exactly what's happening for HER in HER OWN she tries to bring everyone else down around her.  If this describes you and how you are...give up now.  It's too late for you.  And unless you're willing to do some major back-tracking to undo a lot of the internal spiritual damage that has happened (probably over the past several decades) then you're screwed.  It's too late.  Just lay down and give it up, living a life of misery and mediocrity until your time on this planet is over.

However, I can almost guarantee that you're NOT like her.  That you WANT something new, exciting, "sparkling" and awesome to happen for you but you just don't know HOW to get it and HOW to manifest these things in your life.  And I'm here to tell you that I have something so mind-blowing, ground-breaking and out-of-this-world CRAZY AWESOME that is sooooooo different than ANYTHING you've ever experienced before.'s how Success Sync works in broader terms: it works in basically TWO MAIN PARTS:

Part I:  RAISE YOUR FREAKING ENERGY -- when you vibrate low, you get all the low sh** that gets sucked into your personal realm.  What is the "low sh**," you ask?  Everything you DON'T want.  The mean/weirdo/crazy people that come into your life.  The "bad" things that happen including accidents, arguments, and mishaps.  Losing money.  Being broke.  Missing opportunities.  THIS is what you'll KEEP GETTING until you RAISE YOUR ENERGY BAR to that higher level that ONLY sucks in the "good" stuff that you want.  Until you learn how to raise your energy on a dime, you'll keep attracting all that low-life crap that I know damn well that you're sick of getting in your life.

Part II:  MANIFESTING PRECISELY WHAT YOU WANT, ONE THING AT A TIME -- there IS a key difference between the LOA (Laws of Attraction) and Manifesting.  They are NOT the same things.  Think of it THIS way so you can fully understand the difference:  LOA is thinking of wanting something sweet so somebody brings you a cake to your doorstep.  It's's just something sweet.  It's probably not "exactly" what you had in mind but it's a cake, it's sweet, that's kind of what you wanted, and here it is at your doorstep.  This is NOT my idea of getting exactly what I want in life.  On the flip side, you have Manifestation which means you realize you want something sweet, you get VERY CLEAR about PRECISELY what you want to create to satisfy your sweet tooth such as a 2 lb. box of dark chocolate candies by See's and...that's what shows up at your doorstep: the 2 lb. box of dark chocolate See's Candy.

Nice, isn't it?

I actually DO NOT like LOA because it gives you much less control over what you get.  I love manifesting because you have PRECISE CONTROL over EXACTLY what you get.

So, you better damn well know what you want because, guess what, kiddo?  THAT is what you'll be getting, exactly what you want.

And within a matter of mere days instead of months or years, THAT is how powerful this Success Sync stuff is.

If you haven't had a chance to take a look at my powerful report AND my audio seminar yet, CLICK HERE.  This will make you soooo excited that you won't sleep a wink because of the excitement about all the new possibilities you're about to experience in your new life!

Remember, nothing changes until YOU do.  The good news is that the changes are SO EASY to implement, it only takes a mere 15 to 20 minutes a day!

CLICK HERE to start getting the life you've always wanted...and the life you deserve.  Finally!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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