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Friday, February 10 2017

Today is the lunar eclipse.  Powerful things can happen during periods like these.  I love eclipses because when things feel "stuck," they finally feel like they "break" and move forward.

This is what I'm expecting for today.  A breakthrough for both me and you as well.

If you've been feeling kind of depressed and "stuck" lately, you're not alone.  A LOT of people are feeling this.  But an eclipse moves things forward whether they're ready to move or not.

And that's a GOOD thing for all of us.

I have quite a few students of mine who feel like they're unsure of what direction to take next, they're not happy with where they are and what's happening in their lives right now, and yet they don't exactly know what to do about it right now.  They think, "Well, maybe this is just a phase and it'll pass by."

Eventually it will pass by.  You're right.  But then what happens?  Nothing, that's what.  You just continue on the same path just like you did before, not furthering yourself in any way, and just continuing on the never-ending treadmill.

And how depressing is that thought?  Knowing that nothing will ever change for you unless you start taking part in a "New You" transformation?

Now, I know you've run the gamut with all that "new agey" self-help stuff out there.  And most of it simply DOESN'T work.

Here's why:

It really helps you tap into what's NOT working in your life, making you even more depressed, helpless, and hopeless than ever.

And that REALLY sucks, doesn't it?

Here's what I recently discovered that turned a soul-crushing absolutely MISERABLE and energetically draining experience around by 180 degrees:  I stumbled on this very simple "system" that, when done in a precise order, within 15 to 20 minutes I can completely change my energy field.  In other words, I go from a low vibration that, unfortunately, brings in all the "bad" stuff to "flying high" at a very high vibration that, fortunately, brings in all the "good" stuff.

That's right.  TWENTY MINUTES and you do something called "flipping the switch" because, remember, if you're vibrating high, you get the HIGH GROUND vibration magnetic pull which pulls in everything vibrating high.  However, if you stay low, you get all the LOW vibrational stuff pulled into you.  This means getting into accidents, having vicious people treat you like dog sh**, feeling crappy all day, and definitely NOT getting the things that you want in life.

Now, let me share something very important with you that I only recently discovered:

Most of us think that we're just bumbling about life by pure happenstance with little or no control over what we get.  We look at other people (especially those in the media) and think:  "Why do they get all the fame, fortune, the love of their life, an awesome family, etc. and I get nothing but bullsh** for my life?"

I know what you're thinking.  I've been there, too.  But I figured out WHY some get all the good stuff while others get the scraps at the bottom.

When one is vibrating at a HIGH LEVEL for even ONE facet of their life -- say they're in love with the significant other of their dreams -- then EVERYTHING ELSE starts to work on their behalf as well.  Why does this happen this way?  Because that person is vibrating at a SUPER HIGH LEVEL on the energy scale.  When they vibrate THAT HIGH, they AUTOMATICALLY start pulling in everything else that's vibrating that high which is only the things on that same vibrational level.  This means happiness, joyous people, wealth, things "going their way," happy surprises, etc.  All the "good" stuff.

On the opposite side, when you're vibrating LOW then you start SUCKING IN all the low-life energy stuff like the "bad" things, negative people, things not working out, going broke, not feeling good (maybe with health problems), etc.  YOU are probably sucking in all the LOW LIFE stuff as you are reading this...and you don't even know it.  But the reality is, if you feel discontent and you're NOT where you want to be in life, you are sucking in all this negative energy that is weighing you down RIGHT NOW.  And if you have ANY hope of changing anything, you MUST raise that energy...and FAST...otherwise you can't even begin to start pulling in the things that you really want in your life.

Then there's Part Two to all this...and that is after raising your energy levels, start pulling in SPECIFICS of what you want.  No, you don't do it with affirmations and visualization.  That DOES NOT work!  (You probably already knew that.)  There's ANOTHER WAY to draw in what you want and it's a secret that I have for you.  CLICK HERE to listen to my powerful audio seminar on exactly how this all works.

I've realized some ground-breaking facts that have weaved themselves through my own life in a time during some very recent personal despondency...but with all "bad" things comes powerful realizations that can be used to make some huge positive changes.  It's time for you to take advantage of these strategies NOW...before it's too late.  CLICK HERE!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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