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Monday, December 12 2016
I Finally Did It!  I'm a MASTER Now!

I had to give up doing so much for this ending trimester of 2016 because of this damn degree thing which is why I've been relatively M.I.A. to many of my students for the past month or so, even missing my typical end-of-the-year seminar event for this.  Many of you know that I've been in a graduate program to earn an MFA in Screenwriting since October 2014.

And I'm not going to lie.  The process was hard, time-consuming and I was miserable through most of it.
But now it's over.  
I finally graduated this past weekend.  I have a Master's Degree.  I can finally exit graduate school.
What was awesome about graduation night were the speeches.  They reduced me to tears like nothing else.  It was really a magical night for sure. One for my personal history book.  And I'm really glad I got to share this moment with my daughter who I strive so hard to be a role model for.  (She's the only reason I finished this degree program even though I wanted to drop out -- oh, I don't know -- probably every week I was in the program.)
But now we get to close this chapter and move forward to the next one.
Interestingly enough, the day before my graduation I already started writing my next chapter in my professional life and decided to do something that I've only been talking about for the past 5 years.  I decided to study directly under a marketing guru who has taught me most of what I know to this point over the past 20-something years.  This is going to be one of his final years of doing his very expensive and very exclusive Mastermind Group and I decided to be a part of it once and for all.
This will mean several things for you in 2017:
1)  My prices for everything will go up quite a bit.  I'll be pretty much strong-armed by this guru to drastically increase my prices.  (This is one of his "base" rules in business...RAISE YOUR PRICES, like A LOT.  Now, I don't envision myself raising prices "a lot" like he'd prefer but the prices WILL be raised more than what you're probably used to getting my stuff for.  Long gone will be the days of getting my $97 downloads or even paying really low "blow out" prices for courses, seminars and such.  (So, take advantage between now and when "D" day happens, sometime in March 2017 when I attend my first Mastermind Group meeting.)
2)  I'll be conducting more workshop and private training groups instead of doing bigger seminar events.  This will allow me to do more one-on-one training, catapulting your success to new levels.  (This is good for you.)  But, again, this will come at a higher price once my February Detroit Real Estate Cash Flow Event is over with.  (CLICK HERE if you haven't registered yet.  I have holiday pricing for those of you who haven't registered.  However, Platinum VIP is SOLD OUT!)  I'm excited about the groups we'll be doing this upcoming year because much of it (except for the Detroit Event) will be exclusively on Aggressive Income Strategies.  This is going to be an awesome money-making year in 2017!
3)  I'll have a slew of new marketing strategies to bring to you for your own personal money-making benefit.  Unlike me who will be paying $33,000 for this specialized training, you'll be able to get the DIRECT BENEFIT of this by me sharing with you what I'll be discovering between March and October of 2017.  I'll be passing along this newly earned knowledge and you won't be paying $33,000 to learn it all.  I'll first be using these strategies myself to get an idea of the inter-workings of them and then, upon my own success, relay these strategies to you in a very organized and precise step-by-step action plan that you can use for your own massive success.  These will be in, of course, the capacity of non-real-estate Aggressive Income Strategies which I actually prefer because it allows us to make faster money in amounts that we basically choose.
And there you have it.  Laid out plans for 2017 and probably beyond guaging from the new pace I'll be setting for Global Success in this upcoming year.
Hopefully YOU TOO will be guaging a new pace and life for yourself in this upcoming year.  Nobody else is going to do it for you.  Only you.
See you at the top!

Your mentor,
Monica Main
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