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Saturday, November 26 2016

I've made some changes from what I originally thought I'd be doing to what it looks like I'll actually be doing in 2017.

These changes are, of course, thanks to our recession (and other reasons, explained in a minute).  As with all smart business people, I have to be flexible with the times.  I suggest you do the same.

After my Real Estate Cash Flow Underground Secret Event in February 2017 (CLICK HERE to register if you haven't already to still get the early-bird pricing and $100 hold-deposit option), I'll be focusing solely and exclusively on AGGRESSIVE Income Strategies for the remainder of the year.

And that's pretty weird considering that your upcoming opportunities are going to be in Passive Income Strategies.  Don't you think?

Well, there's a distinct reason for this.  First of all, everything you'll need to know for investing in Passive Income Strategies WILL be covered in great detail during the Real Estate Cash Flow Underground Secret Event.  They are also covered in my newly released Apartment Riches Modules (which you can STILL get for a pre-order discount INCLUDING my last chance DIRECT investor-partner access; CLICK HERE to get them now!).  So, between the seminar and the modules, you won't need anything else for Passive Income Strategies...probably until 2019.  Yep, you'll be covered.  Completely and thoroughly.

That brings us BACK to Aggressive Income Strategies.  This is two-fold and DOES include real estate, believe it or not.  (I'll bet you thought it was only about online money-making stuff.  But it's not.) Starting the beginning of March 2017 and throughout the entire year of 2017, we'll be covering ONLY Aggressive Income Strategies including BOTH real estate AND non-real estate.

And I can't wait!  This is the stuff I THRIVE off of because this is the stuff that can make the most money when you play your cards right.

And yes, this means we'll be doing more Money Funnel Strategies.  I have a brand new mentorship planned for the spring for the Money Funnel that will include taking already-done clones and will focus almost exclusively on marketing those funnels on Facebook, Adwords, Yahoo! and even offline.  Remember, the key to making money with a Money Funnel is the marketing.  And THAT is the component we'll be covering in my cutting-edge Money Funnel Mentorship coming up in the spring.

I'd also like to do a 3-day one-on-one in-house training sometime in the spring as well for Money Funnel Strategies just because some (and in some respects, many) of these business-building aspects have CHANGED.

One of these huge changes came down to my mailing list broker -- Macromark Inc. -- who I've used since the 1990s.  They are one of the largest mailing list brokerages houses in the country...and they were just raided by the feds a couple of months ago.  My broker told me all about it: how 25 federal agents came swooping in and demanding all of these files, making everyone stay into the wee hours of the morning as each person from the lowest secretary to the CEO were individually questioned at great length.

And I knew something was wrong even before that.  Call it my "Spidey" senses...but they lost their merchant account in August or September.  They quite suddenly sent everyone an email saying that they don't accept credit cards anymore for payment on rented lists.  Only checks and wire transfers were to be accepted from that point on.  No future date.  No notice.  Just "effective immediately."  This started the alarm bells for me.

I stopped mailing in the late spring.  I had issues with Macromark getting watered down lists and old names.  So, I just stopped mailing altogether while preparing to get names from other much larger "compiling" bureaus like NextMark or Exact Data for my new mailing projects for my skin care business.  Because something smelled rotten in the Macromark camp.

Then the raid came.  I still didn't know about it.  But the next day I had someone (other than my regular broker) email me to demand my current mailing piece.  I told them to pound sand because I didn't have a CURRENT piece due to my stopping my mailings earlier in the year.  Come to find out that they were just collecting people's mailing pieces...for the feds.

Macromark is on the verge of bankruptcy now.  My broker quit the same week of the fed raid.  Others walked out as well.  But the worst part is that none of their clients want to do business with them anymore.  They're making it harder to get approval on mailing lists and probably sending everybody's pieces (which many are already borderline legal) to the FBI.  Mailing list orders are taking forever to get approved and sent out...if they're approved at all.  For mailers, it's just much easier to use somebody else and not deal with the hassle and federal government exposure by using Macromark anymore.

This is kind of a game-changer, folks.  How so?  Well, I already knew (since the summer) that mailing on business opportunity types of lists wasn't a good idea anymore.  If you want to make money in "mail order" then the money is in what they call the "health" lists where companies are selling all kinds of supplements, health products, and even health-related newsletters, courses, and books.  This is where you make money in "mail order" these days, especially if you want to negate legal risk.  Yes, you can make money with business opportunity lists, especially with those that are about stock trading it worth the legal risk?  Is it worth being singled out by the FBI?  Because after all, if they want to find one teeny-weeny little thing that they don't like about your company, they will.  And they do.  It's best not to bother with taking those types of risks when there's a lot of money to be made elsewhere in other types of product lines.

This is what I want the focal point of 2017 to be: focusing on Aggressive Income Strategies with online and offline business strategies.


Because it's fairly easy to invest in real estate once you have the money to do it.  And getting the money using Aggressive Income Strategies is really the way to go.  It's easy to do if you can follow instructions.  It's extremely gratifying to start making thousands of dollars a week.  Then more.  Then even more.  Until you go from dead broke to building your first house...just in a matter of months.

This has happened for me, many times over.  This has happened for many of my students as well.  And I love seeing that type of financial transformation.  As a teacher, nothing excites me more than seeing people achieve success in ways that before weren't possible because they didn't have the right success blueprint.

So, let's just say that 2017 is gearing up to be a great year, especially for those of you interested in my most successful, profitable, and mind-blowing Aggressive Income Strategies.

For now, though, you have one last chance to be a part of my Passive Income Strategies.  This is with my newly released Apartment Riches Modules (CLICK HERE) and my Detroit Real Estate Underground Secret Event (CLICK HERE).  This is ALL I'll be doing for Passive Income Real Estate Strategies for a good long take advantage while you can.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  Right now I have the Green Friday to Cyber Monday Deal going on for my Success Breakthrough & Transformation Video Series.  CLICK HERE to get them now at a basement-bottom price!

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