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Tuesday, November 29 2016

I think I've safely clocked in more than my fair share of hearing from idiots, screwballs, and outright wack-jobs in my career so far.  And to say that this "entertains" me in some Eminem would say, "That's just whacked."  (If you don't know what it means, just pretend that you do.  Roll with it, baby.)

So this latest ball of nonsense came from a non-student.  Yes, I actually interact with the outside world every once in awhile.  (Surprising, isn't it?)

I was in a restaurant talking to someone in my party at my table when, apparently, the person at the table next to us decided to chime in...because after all, he felt "invited" in some way. What was I talking about?  My take on what we can expect for our upcoming economic changes, of course.  (What else do I talk about?)  I was going into detail about the things that bothered me and realizing that, unlike what I previously predicted a few weeks back about a "soft" recession, I'm probably dead wrong about that and it's going to hit harder than I expected.

Much like the Titanic hitting the iceberg...remember that part in the movie?  The ship hit the iceberg.  There was shaking.  Then dead silence...before the ship started sinking.

We're in that "dead silence" part right now.

One particular thing has really caught my attention about our new president-elect.  Forget about all the stuff that has everybody up in arms from immigration to abortion rights.  I'm not even zeroed in on that stuff.  I pay very close attention to other things...the things that really affect the playing field for business.  And there's one particular thing that has indicated, to me, that we're probably looking at a replay of 2008...or something pretty damn close to it.

Here's what it is:

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will be stripped out of the picture as if it never existed.

What does that mean?

It means that we can go back to the days where predatory mortgage lending existed, as there will soon no longer be an agency to protect consumers.  This also means that the predatory lenders, knowing that there is no longer a watch-dog regulatory agency to monitor what they do at all times, will fall quickly back into predatory lending practices.

Welcome back to the no-doc loans, adjustable ARMs, and all the other bullshit that put us into the foreclosure calamity to begin with.

For somebody like me, an investor who knows what the f*** time it is, this is freaking AWESOME!  I'll get loans just by filling out paperwork without showing a lick of anything.  But, unlike most of the sheep and the dopes out there, I know HOW to work these loans for profit.  Most of the idiots out there never read contracts, don't read the paperwork, and get into properties they know damn well they cannot afford because they're greedy or they are sold the idea by some greedy broker.  And sheep ALWAYS get sheered, don't they?

Get ready for the sheering to begin.  And get ready for the foreclosures.

For me?  This is FREAKING AWESOME because of the loans I can get and because of the windfall of foreclosures in the years to come.  For idiots?  It will be a replay of 2006, 2008, 2008, 2009, and 2010 for them.  They'll get suckered into the EXACT same scenario they just got out of because, for many of them, they've had 10 years between now and their last foreclosure (or they're pretty close) so...get into another stupid loan, why don't they?!

As I'm going on and on about all of this, the f*** head sitting at the table next to me leans over and tells me I have no idea what I'm talking about.  Then goes on and on with his own mis-matched no-sense-making tirade about Donald Trump and the economy.  I looked at him like he lost his mind then asked... "What do you do for a living?"  He hesitated, then said...

"I deliver pizzas."

I burst into laughter, probably much more exaggerated than anticipated just to make a point.  In other words, What the hell do you know about the opportunities in any economy when you deliver pizzas for somebody else's company?

Nothing.  Somebody like that knows not a freaking thing.

Then I ignored him as if he wasn't if he never existed which, perhaps, was quite possibly the icing on the cake as he got redder and madder by me continuing my conversation with MY party at MY table ABOUT him and his stupidity.

None of us know everything.  Believe me, there is A LOT I want to learn about so many more things in my lifetime.  But guess what?  When I'm in "learning mode" because of areas in which I'm inferior, I shut the hell up and I LISTEN to those who know shit.  Period.  I don't step in (especially uninvited) and start spewing the life and times about why I'm so smart or why I know it all.  I LISTEN.  I PAY ATTENTION.  I LEARN STUFF.  Otherwise you can never improve.

Now, does that mean I'm right about the upcoming trials and tribulations of the economy, especially with the housing market?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I've already told you about the upcoming recession that we were destined to hit because of the economic cycles and historic charts pointing us in that direction.  And now there are other things I'm uncovering to indicate that things just may be worse than anticipated.

Regardless, the recession is coming "hard" or "soft," there is MONEY TO BE MADE if you know how to do it, and you MUST be prepared for it.  As I learned throughout this year, living in denial about something doesn't make it go away.  So, instead, EMBRACE it and learn how to make money with it.  Fighting with people over politics or acting like a know-it-all in a restaurant -- especially if your "career" is that of something like a pizza delivery dude -- is NOT a great way to prepare when you can be learning from those who have done, are doing, and will continue to do things that will make us MASSIVE amounts of money.

Trust me...if I were sitting at a table next to Warren Buffett, under NO circumstances would I begin to argue with the guy about anything even if I disagreed with every word that came out of his mouth.  Instead I would be LISTENING and quite possibly hitting the RECORD button on my phone to make sure I don't miss anything, especially when making future predictions about the economy.  And ESPECIALLY if he was talking about HOW to make money in the economy.  I'd so much as bite my tongue off before I'd let myself utter a single word before I heard him out.

But that's me.  And that's the difference between those who are successful and those who want to walk about as a know-it-all whose life is a living pity-party.  Apparently arguing gives these people a sense of importance because their lifestyle and career choices certainly don't.  Don't choose to be one of THOSE people, okay?  Open your ears.  Listen.  Learn.  Implement.

And get very rich in the process!

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See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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