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Sunday, November 20 2016

We all fall for it.  The well-meaning unsolicited "advice" we get to pretend we're listening to.  Until it gets too ridiculous to entertain, that is.

As it was in my case.

I mentioned recently that my dad kind of moved into my house.  He sort of showed up at my doorstep with a suitcase and I couldn't very well tell him to beat it (even though I wanted to). He's going through some very unique challenges with his wife (who I refuse to call my step-mother).  She's very ill and in recent months, because of the drastic changes in her medications, has become violent.  So he had to leave or risk having an ice pick plummeted into his skull in the middle of the night.  Hence, on my doorstep he ended up.

My dad and I never really had a decent relationship.  He was non-existent through most of my adult life.  I always got the sense (probably starting with my mother telling me from childhood that my dad never wanted kids) that I was more of an inconvenience being around so I made myself scarce.  This is why we barely ever saw one another until recently when he, of course, had no other choice but to find a safe haven from the cataclysmic destruction of his marriage. of the things I have to deal with now is his self-loathing "I don't know what to do" (which sucks) and different pieces of "advice" he wants to throw out there (which also sucks).  And I can't even choose which sucks more.

Especially after he gave me a bit of advice that caused me to completely come unhinged.  It was the first (of several) episodes where I found myself actually yelling at him.

And this piece of well-meaning "advice" he gave me that was the cause of my becoming unhinged?

He told me to never express how I felt about religion or politics in the business world to anyone, especially my customers and clients.  And that if anyone ever said anything about religion or politics, I should just go along in agreement with everything they had to say about it.  Really?

Even worse (yes, it keeps going), he told me that it was his dad who gave him this bit of advice, stemming from when my dad was about 5 years old and a local restaurant owner was telling a patron that he goes to the same church his customer goes to, knowing damn well that it was a lie.  His dad explained that it was "good business" to just go along with everything your customers tell you, even lying about important things like religion, because it's all about just getting their money and nothing else.  Just agree and take their money was the motto of the day.


First of all, neither does my dad have a business (anymore) nor did his dad have a business (ever).  And yet here we have 2 people (one of which is dead) dispensing business advice that (a) is completely negligent of any honesty and ethics, (b) isn't part of today's business world here in 2016, and (c) from people who have never had a massively successful business...or any business at all.

I'm NOT here to "say anything" just to "take people's money," as was apparently my grandfather's business advice.  For someone to stand for everything and say anything and do anything just to get on a customer's good to stand for nothing at all.  To agree with everything means you represent nothing.  You must stand for something, especially in this day and age, otherwise people will lose respect for you.  And you'll also lose respect for yourself as well.

But where did all of this stem from?

It was my emails about certain political subjects around the time of the election that set my dad off.  Apparently I was supposed to "agree" with everyone.  Trump?  Fantastic choice for president.  Clinton?  Fantastic choice as well.  No matter what anyone was to say, I apparently was supposed to go along with it.  Same with religion, I suppose.  Am I Catholic?  Sure. Christian? Yep, that too.  Buddhist?  Of course!

Come on!

One of my mentors had some pretty heavy things to say about his political choice during this recent election.  And guess what?  I didn't agree with him AT ALL.  In fact, I don't think it's possible for us to be further divided on this topic.  But...being the smart common-sense kind of gal that I am, I realize that his political beliefs have nothing to do with the things I'm learning from him in the capacity of marketing and business success.  Nothing at all.  He can believe with 1000% conviction that the moon is made of cheese.  So freaking what if he does? And if I happen to disagree with this "fact" especially having nothing to do with what I'm learning?  Maybe I do.  Again, that's NOT why I'm learning from him.  And only a flim-flam spineless loser would disconnect from someone they're learning a lot from that has a lot to offer their future because they disagree with where they go to church on Sunday or who they voted for on November 8th.

I had to painstakingly explain this to my dad, further explaining that I have a lot of followers who love my no-holds-barred style because I'm honest and about no bullshit.  And they know I'm not going to lie to them.  For the spineless losers who need to be "agreed with" on their political stances and religious preferences at all times, they can go across the aisle to the waiting snake oil salesman who will agree with everything they have to say provided that they whip out their credit cards so they can be sold every load of unusable crap there is on the market which will make them poorer instead of richer.  For people who want to be coddled, agreed with, and pandered to at all times...they've already lost because they'll be hard-up to ever find the "right" person to agree with everything they believe in unless it's someone willing to lie about their beliefs just to take their money.  For anyone who actually believes everyone should agree with everything they believe in...find another planet to live on because you're in the wrong place.

Part of the beauty in all of us is that we're all different.  We all have different perspectives and opinions.  We all have gone through different things which result in different likes and dislikes.  And that should be excellent because it allows us to have diversity within our societies.  How boring would it be if we were all exactly alike thinking all of the exact same things and formulating all of the exact opinions and beliefs?  It's certainly NOT a place I'd want to live or be part of.

Here's something else I'm not going to bullshit you about.

Real estate investing.  Our 2017 recession coming up.  And how there are several things of economic uncertainty that we are about to face but...if you know how to play your cards right, you'll make out like a bandit.

Truth be told, I made the vast majority of my money in recent real estate years between 2008 and 2010.  Then it began to taper down after about the middle of 2011.  It's been slowing down steadily since to the point of near-nonexistence in the past 2 years.  You see, opportunities in a good economy aren't that great when it comes to getting deals on real estate.  Foreclosures cease to exist.  Negotiating a lower price becomes impossible.  And everybody (sellers) want top dollar for their properties.

This sucks when you want to make money as a real estate investor.

But right now we're about to enter into a period where you can get some of those 2008 through 2010 deals again and you need to be prepared for it.  No, you're not going to start investing yet.  But what you WILL be doing is understanding how to do it front to back, step by step, from A to Z so that you can hit the ground running in a few months when the market starts to fall apart.

This is what I have for you from my first and only Apartment Riches Mentorship Group modules.  I just completed an 8-week online mentorship group where we did 8 trainings (on video) that run between 60 and 90 minutes.  After each training, there is something called an Action Sheet where you'll be working through each of the items that were discussed in the training that are on your Action Sheet list.  Before you are allowed to watch the next video in the series, you MUST complete the Action Sheet for that video.

And this goes on for 8 solid weeks.  Of course, you can work the entire process in half the time...or double the time.  Take your time.  Learn the materials well.  Watch the training videos over and over again until you get it.  You have about 3 months to really learn and understand this stuff.  And if you do, it'll be well worth it to help you succeed as a profitable cash flowing investor for multi-family and residential-commercial apartment building properties.

But even more powerful: you'll be trained on how to create a very simple business plan that my investors can approve and do a partnership with you on.  (Many of my students don't understand how to create these business plans yet you will be trained on exactly what to do.)

Plus, you'll have the LAST ACCESS to my investor partner who, so far, has done partnerships on 32 deals with students since this past August.  Yes, 32...and counting!  But I was told that I'm no longer allowed to have anymore students join this special partnership arrangement after November 30th.  So...this is it!  This is the LAST TIME to join this exclusive direct partnership opportunity because it cannot be and will not be offered ever again.  And you'll get it when you get the Apartment Riches Modules.

CLICK HERE to check it out now.  Get all of the Apartment Riches Mentorship Modules PLUS the Direct Partnership.  This is the last opportunity for this.  Seriously.  If you haven't been able to participate in the partnership opportunity by now, this is it for good!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

​​​​​​​Monica Main

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