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Friday, November 11 2016
Warning:  This is NOT for Everyone!
Can You Imagine Seeing YOUR Product on Store Shelves Nationwide?
Over the summer I had completed an 8-week online Distribution Profit Mentorship Group that was pretty intense.  It was the first, only, and last training of its kind.  I decided that because of the intensity of this type of training and the small percentage of students interested in this form of Aggressive Income on Steroids, I'd no longer be doing these trainings anymore.
When I first started to build my multi-million-dollar supplement business working the Distribution Profit Business Model, I had NO information or training or books or seminars to attend.  This information and training simply doesn't exist out there.
Unfortunately, I made a lot of mistakes and fell into many pitfalls because I bumbled my way through it.  Even with all of the adversity and errors I made, I still built a very successful distribution business from scratch knowing nothing compared to what I know now.
And I'm extending this training and knowledge onto you...or only for those of you who believe you're cut out for this type of business.
Yes, the financial upside is HUGE.  You can create a multi-million-dollar nationwide (and even worldwide) distribution business within a year or two...starting from nothing or scratch.  But it does take work.  It does take vision.  And it's definitely NOT for everyone.
Over an 8-week period, I did an intense mentorship group where each week we did a webinar training.  Each lasted between 60 and 90 minutes long. Each was recorded and was accompanied by an Action Sheet, directing each student in what to do and accomplish before the next webinar was to be attended and watched.
You'll be able to go through this entire 8-week group in half the time...or twice the time.  It's completely at your own pace because you'll have ALL of the modules at your fingertips, ready to go whenever you want to complete each one.
The only thing I ask is this: You MUST watch the video FIRST (in chronological order) BEFORE attempting to accomplish anything on the Action Sheet for that week.
So, yes, I do have the Distribution Profit Mentorship Modules available for all 8 weeks plus a couple of bonus items in there that you can check out by CLICKING HERE.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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