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Sunday, October 23 2016
And Low & Behold, Look at This Week's Bloomberg

According to Bloomberg, 2017 Will Be "Mediocre At Best"

I just got my copy of next week's Bloomberg today.  And I was kind of saying "I told you so" to myself when I glanced at the cover of the magazine.
Not that ANYONE has a magic future-telling crystal ball.  But so many indicators can tell us things...things about how the future is most likely to play out.
Global Markets STUMBLE Into a High-Debt, Low-Investment 2017...According to Bloomberg
This is in reference to the global markets, to be clear.  China in particular is up to their eyeballs in debt.  So are many other countries.  And so is the great U.S.A.  Debt is not a good thing, especially when it becomes destructive. This comes into play when too much is borrowed and not enough is coming back in to support the debt.
But you knew that part already.
It's just very easy to get in underwater when borrowing excessive amounts of OPM.  And this is what gets everybody in trouble.  This is what slows down global markets.  And this is what makes our collective economies so fragile. Excessive debt is never a good thing.
The market has been on a bit of a sideways "channel," as we call it in the trading world.  Others may compare this to a flat-line or very little progress in the markets.
But what does this all mean for you as we plunge into 2017?
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See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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