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Thursday, October 20 2016
When the Facts Change...What Do YOU Do??
Why am I coming out of speaking retirement?
When the FACTS CHANGE...I change my mind.  It's that simple.
And I didn't see this one coming!  Or maybe I did...and I chose to live in denial for a little bit, kind of in "watch-and-wait" mode until the summer ended and I was SURE that something was up.
Now that the fall is here, I've seen and studied the charts, and I can now SEE what's happening, I think it's about time that I share it with you.
It's the Recession of 2017/2018.
And for some of us, it's already reared its ugly head.
It started when the real estate market in southern California started drastically cooling down.  I noticed it this past spring.  But...I figured (or hoped) that it was just a trend.  But now I know different, because it didn't stop cooling down.
Then I saw this chart showing one of the leading cities in real estate market changes:  San Francisco, California.
The blueish line leading the chart is the San Francisco housing market.  As you can see from the chart above, it's been the market leader for the duration of the chart, going back to the first quarter of 1980 and extending out through the close of the 2nd quarter 2016.  It's one of the most expensive and tumultuous housing markets in the United States.  But, most notably, it tends to be the market leader or "predictor" in a lot of ways.
Look closely at the chart.  (If it's too small, grab your reading glasses.) You'll see before our last market crash (of 2008) the market "slipped" right before the other major market leaders which are Los Angeles and New York. Then they all came crashing down together, some more "smoothly" than others but they pretty much all took a heavy beating. 
But the most notable indicator is that San Francisco is almost touching the same line that it did before it came crashing down back in 2008.  And by next year we'll be at that same line IF IT EVEN MAKES IT because it's already slipping.
This is what we call a "market correction."  It happens all the time and it's nothing to panic about. In fact, if anything, this is the answer to your prayers on getting your little butt into the real estate market if you haven't made your way in yet.
Why is this upcoming recession going to be different than the crash of 2008?
Banks haven't had a chance to forget about the sub-sub-prime loans they were handing out like candy only a handful of years ago.  Yes, they're less strict on lending than they were in, say 2010 but they're not quite as irrational (yet) as they were back then either on their lending practices.
And if you recall, it was the sub-prime lending market that got us into the bulk of the mess we had to dig ourselves out of from back then.  So, we're "kind of" safe there.  Kind of.
But here's where we're in trouble: Consumer spending has slowed (starting the first quarter of this year, preceding the housing slow-down that I first noticed in the second quarter) for the first time in two years.  And while many employers still feel that our economy is somewhat strong by employing people, their "hopes" and disconnection from the GDP, reality isn't going to help forge their way through the upcoming inevitable slow-down.  Once they realize what's going on, lay-offs will be imminent in the near future.  The only employment market sector that will survive this upcoming recession (as far as jobs are concerned) would be those in the service industry.
So, what does all this have to do with...anything?
Here's the deal in Layman's terms: people aren't making any more money, as a whole, than they were years ago.  The housing market can only go so far up before most are locked out of the market and they either decide to keep renting or they move out of the high-priced area for lower-priced digs elsewhere.  This is what's happening with overpriced areas like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Seattle, etc.
Plus, there really aren't more jobs to be had at this point.  If anything, once these companies realize that the slow-up is coming, first-round lay-offs will begin.  This will definitely begin the downward spiral.  Like I said, all of this is coming and will become evident after the upcoming election in some areas and sometime after the first of the year for everybody else.
Listen, the reality is this:  There's only so far you can go up before you have to come back down again.  And we're reached that point.  With many major players around the globe dealing with major economic changes, this also affects us.  If our GDP is slowing down, consumer spending is slowing down, exports are slowing down, housing is slowing down...I think it's kind of obvious what we're going to see next.
So, what do you do?  How do you prepare for what's to come? 
I'm coming out of speaking retirement to show you exactly what you need to do using what I call my 9-Point Strategy on acquiring property.  And this strategy is NOT anything I've showed ANY of my students before.
I'm showing all of the most relevant, current, and cutting-edge strategies in a RARE one-time-only boot-camp event in Detroit, Michigan on February 24th and 25th.
And for those of you who attend as Platinum or Gold VIP, you get to come to my never-before-done GET MONEY FOR DEALS Workshop (on February 23rd) where I show you EXACTLY how to get money of ALL KINDS for your deals INCLUDING my investor partners and brand new unsecured money resources!
By the way, you DO NOT have to be a Viper Wealth Member to join the upcoming seminar as a Gold or Platinum VIP.
And one other thing:  Platinum VIP is almost full.  This is when you get to have dinner with me for 3 nights, sit in the front row, get seminar videos of the event post-event when they're all edited and duplicated out, and you can have a private 30-minute consultation with me about your deal(s) post-event.  It's well worth every penny to get in as Platinum VIP.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,

Monica Main
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