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Tuesday, October 18 2016

I think I need to start this off with something really personal that I've NEVER shared with my students before so you can get to a core understanding of the venom that I'm about to unleash upon some of you.

I grew up in a lower-middle class neighborhood in the south side of Chicago.  I didn't go to good schools.  I was bullied.  I didn't get new clothes.  We were pretty poor, come to think of it.  But overall I think that my childhood was "decent" in comparison to what I know other kids have gone through (and go through to this day) so I'm NOT going to sit here whining about how "hard" I had it.  I made it through and here I am.

But what I want to tell you is THIS.  (Again, this is going to get extremely personal.)

I am a molestation survivor.  A rape survivor.  And a survivor of domestic abuse.  My first husband raped me, beat me, then cheated on me, leaving me with an STD that was, thank God, fully treatable.  The molestation happened when I was 5 or 6 by some neighbor boys.  I never told my parents.  I never told anyone actually.  (And when a woman doesn't admit to something until DECADES after it happens, let's just say that I fully understand why: it's shameful to us, we feel responsible, and many times we will take these secrets to the grave because of the embarrassment. So, for those of you who think women are lying because things don't come out until much later, it's because of what I just described: the probable ridicule and embarrassment.  Until you walk a mile in an abuse-survivor's shoes, don't judge or assume they're lying because that's really uncool since you seriously don't know what they went through.  And be grateful that you don't intimately know that level of abuse like some of us do because you were lucky enough to not have been subjected to it yourself.)  But all of these things have made it difficult for me to have relationships of any kind in my life.  So, for those of who you wonder why I've been married and divorced 3 times, I think those situations I described about my earlier years made me who I am today which is a strong-ass bitch who doesn't take shit from anyone but, unfortunately, unable to withstand relationships.  Even still, I'm grateful for all of  these experiences, believe it or not, because it makes me who I am today.

Whew!  That was rough to openly share.  But there it is.  Now you know.  And this won't ever be repeated again.

So...what am I getting at with all of this?

Two things stemming from 2 emails I've received recently that really pissed me off.

I had one coming from a woman who wanted to send me an email playing the victim role, introducing herself as a domestic abuse survivor.  And then later tells ME that I'd "never understand" what she's going through.

Bitch...please.  The difference between a woman who immediately identifies herself as a "survivor" of ANY kind without so much as sputtering out her first name when initially meeting someone is simply using the abuse as a "victim label" that she wants everybody to see.  And I don't roll like that, folks.  I just told you what I went through and many of you who have known me for 10 years now (yes, I have students that are 10+ years "old" with me) have NEVER known these things I've gone through because, unlike some women, I do NOT label myself as a victim of any kind.  Period.  Otherwise I know that I'm creating unnecessary obstacles in life for myself.  And why do that?  Past is past.  Freaking get over it and MOVE FORWARD already!  Because you cannot move forward until you let go of the past.  No "ands," "ifs," or "buts" about it!

But the NEXT email I'm about to share with you is the one that REALLY pissed me off.

If you recall, last week I sent out an email basically saying that I'm not a fan of either presidential candidate.  And that's all I said.  Nothing more.  Just that.  I'm not a fan of who we get to choose as president this election go-around.  And I'm pretty sure many of you feel the same way.

So this total idiot fool is going to send me an email this morning including -- I don't know -- maybe a dozen or so YouTube video links about Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton.  And tells me that I "should watch these."  I guess this is somehow supposed to help "sell" me on, I'm guessing, his political choice of electing Donald Trump.

DELETE.  The email wasn't entertained or read even further.  It didn't even warrant a response.  I don't have the time to watch Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton YouTube videos all day, not that I quite understand what THIS has to do with the current election.  I was cheated on too so, if anything, this makes Hillary is a "victim" even though she doesn't seem to label herself in that way, much like I don't either.  (By the way, let me remind everyone who seem to have a time-machine in their living room: it's NOT the 1990s anymore.  Bill and Monica went "out" with the 90s after he was impeached and around the same time my 90s arm-band tattoo went out of style.  So what?  We move forward and LIVE IN 2016!  Anyone else want to join me here in 2016??)

So, here's my response to ANY idiot who wants to dare waste my time with such nonsense in the future:  Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will ANYONE make me "understand" or SELL me on the notion that sexual abuse, rape, and disrespect against women by anyone is OKAY.  Period.  End of f****** story.  So don't even try it.  You can attempt me to send videos about SUPER OLD NEWS about an affair of a former president had with his intern (that he, again, got impeached for and, again, I'm not entirely sure how this applies to 2016 and no, I don't agree with what Bill did EITHER) in an effort to bolster support for your p****-grabbing sexual-assault-bragging candidate but, again, as a molestation, rape, and domestic abuse survivor, I'm NOT having it as would NO molestation or rape survivor would (in their right mind, of course).  You're not "selling" me on anything except that you're an idiot who hates women.  So stop it!  Please!  Before you embarrass yourself.  (Actually, too late for that.  You already have, email loser guy!)

To be further clear, there's a 99% chance I won't vote at all.  Because here's the deal that MOST "commoners" don't quite understand yet and probably will never quite grasp: No politician will EVER make your life better.  NONE!  They don't give a damn about YOU.  (And if you ever thought they did, you're a fool.  Plain and simple.)  YOU are responsible for YOU and your family.  Period.  Nobody else is.  And if you're sitting around, holding your breath, waiting for President So-and-So to come in and wave that magic wand to make your life perfect, you're going to die very old, very gray, and very disappointed when you realize on your death bed that this NEVER happened in the duration of your lifetime.  You'll be lying on your deathbed in 30-something years saying something to the effect of, "Yeah that Monica Main chick was right on.  None of these politicians elected into office did anything for me or my family.  And to think that I wasted MY WHOLE LIFE waiting around for President Fairy to come in with her magic wand to make my life better.  And it NEVER happened!!  What a total waste of time when I could have been doing other much more productive things than waiting around for nothing like I did!"

Furthermore, in reference to the email idiot I was just referring to, anyone who has the time to send me all these links to these old YouTube videos probably doesn't have a job, a business or a life.  He's probably living off the government with no plans on bettering his own life.  And if that's the case, maybe voting for Trump isn't in his best interests because Trump will be stripping away all the welfare in this country, as he (just like many rich people, myself included) thinks that welfare is supposed to be a temporary bridge to help someone out who is down on his or her luck but is NOT a "career" paycheck and if they think it is, they probably should get a job and stop sucking off the system.  So, if Trump's your guy, get off that welfare and get a job because THAT government service won't be in place much longer if he wins this election.  (Oh, you didn't know that he's anti-welfare?  Yep, he is.)

Instead of wasting time on YouTube video links, guess what I was doing this weekend?  I was formulating MY PLAN for this upcoming recession we're going to be having that will become pretty apparent sometime shortly after the election coming up.  I was going through properties and writing up offers.  I was going through a contract on a deal I'm negotiating on right now for a 21-unit building.  And I was also re-doing some of my packaging designs for my skincare business as well as doing website funnel building work.

You know...all the PRODUCTIVE money-making stuff that REAL millionaires focus on.  Not watching YouTube videos about stuff that happened 20+ years ago.  Not trying to fruitlessly convince people about why sexual predatory behavior is acceptable.  Not sitting around holding my breath for the next president to magically change my life.  

But working.  Securing my future with the power of my own two hands.  And making money.

Taking the bull by the horns, being responsible for MY OWN financial future by making things happen in my business and in my investing activities.  That's what productive people do.  That's what rich people do.

If I've never believed in the dumbing down of America, I certainly do now.  Now more than ever, I suppose.  People just listed to the news thinking they're being fed all the real information about what's going on.  Wasting time on this election and all the nonsense surrounding it.  Not realizing that this election has ALREADY BEEN DECIDED by the top 1% elite regardless of what happens on November 8th at the polls.  And regardless of your single vote.  Not realizing that we're about to hit some tumultuous times in the economy come the first couple of quarters of 2017.  Not realizing that they actually can have a personal hand in how things turn out for themselves and for their own lives if they just peel their attention away from the media for a second and start focusing on their own business at hand.  (You have more control over your own life and building wealth for yourself than you think you do!)

If you haven't seen my charts yet on what's happening with the economy starting after the election and through 2017, you need to CLICK HERE and check it out right now.  You don't have anymore time to waste.  You have to start structuring a plan using what I call my 9-Point Strategy which I'll be introducing to everyone in February 2017.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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