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Saturday, October 15 2016

After my somewhat shocking and traumatizing (to some) email about our upcoming recession in 2017, I got this email from a student of mine in Chicago:

I am one that took your advise and bought multiple properties from 2010-2013 and have to thank you tremendously for your prediction then...Was more than accurate in saying there would be a feeding frenzy from other investors from 2014 on

My question now is it time to dump and wait to purchase again?? Or hang on the cash cows thru the next storm?
My hunch is to hold since they are great passive income producing trophies. Some commercial and some 2units 
Would appreciate your spin 
Happy student
Joe G.


Remember, you're in this business to BUY AND HOLD your cash flowing assets, ideally FOREVER.  So, especially during economic turbulent times, DO NOT become one of those fools who think the sky is falling down while making decisions you'll regret later by creating a "fire sale" on your assets before you go off running for the hills.  Because I can guarantee you that you'll come back out from those hills in a couple of years, realizing that the "turbulence" from the economy wasn't so bad, and that you SHOULD have held onto those'll be kicking yourself in the ass in a major way!  Don't be one of those people, please!!  (During the "worst" times in our economy is when you have to keep your head straight.  Keep your cool while everybody else is panicking.  This is how you get and stay rich, by not falling into the "panic trap.")

Listen, folks.  When you go through the motions of acquiring cash flowing real estate, as long as the asset is performing, it shouldn't matter WHAT is happening in the economy.  People still need a place to live.  And no, NOT EVERYBODY is going to lose their jobs.  Our current unemployment rate is hovering around 5%.  At the end of our last recession (The Great Recession: which "they" claim ended in June 2009...even though the rest of us felt the "aftermath" for years after that), our national unemployment was just under 10%.  As much as politicians like to spin that as being a negative, sometimes we have to look at the glass half full.  Or in this case, the glass at 90% full!  Because if the unemployment rate at the end of our Great Recession was at 9.5%, that means 90.5% WERE EMPLOYED!  (During our Great Depression in the 1930s, our highest unemployment rate was 25%.  Now THAT was bad, folks.  Even if it ever gets that bad, HANG ONTO YOUR PROPERTIES!)

The bottom line: When times tough, HANG ON!  Don't sell anything!  (If you ever want to sell for whatever reason, the smart move is to sell at a market peak, NOT during a recession.)

For those of you who don't have property yet (or don't have enough property to give you the cash flow to retire), then you have a HUGE OPPORTUNITY coming up here.

CLICK HERE and I'll explain exactly how you can profit in big proportions from our upcoming recession.  And yes, I'm coming out of "speaking retirement" JUST FOR THIS ONE REASON:  The Recession of 2017/2018.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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