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Sunday, July 31 2016

The other day I had prompted my students to listen to a powerful audio seminar because I didn't feel as if writing about it would do much justice.

Of course, I should have known better.

People will only listen to about 5 seconds before filling their blanks with their own fantasies about how all of this works.

To be clear, this is in reference to my investor partner who has just recently given me the green light to allow my students to directly submit deals to him.  Yes, this is phenomenal because this has NEVER happened in the last dozen plus years I've been working with some of these guys.  But not only is he offering direct partnerships, he's also doing loans for down payments and rehab on property deals as well.

So, I'll give you the 30-second elevator pitch on what you need to know about my investor partner who wants to work directly with a handful of my students:

1)  He's offering direct access to himself to submit deals through a special password protected website that will ONLY be offered to those who get the 2016/2017 Raising Capital Course Upgrade.

2)  He's also offering a loan program where he'll lend cash on property deals provided that he can get an equity stake or put a lien on the property deal.  This means that you cannot ask for money for anything else OTHER than a piece of property.  Period.  I'm not sure how to make this any more clear.  He's not offering money for businesses or other enterprises right now.  (This could change in the near future but for now it's all about CASH FLOWING property deals.


Now, let me explain a little bit about how each one works so that you have a better perspective on this direct partnership.

You'll start with a cash flowing property deal on either side of the coin (for partnership or a loan).  You CANNOT submit for a partnership or loan without a deal otherwise you won't be able to submit.  The system won't let you.  The way the website is set up is that each box must be filled in with the appropriate information otherwise nothing can be submitted.  That's the beauty of this whole thing.  You'll be able to submit directly to this investor partner (and this is the FIRST TIME I've ever offered this option).  But you have to have your deal, numbers, and other critical information FIRST otherwise the deal CANNOT be submitted.  Simple.

I've already had students ask me a bunch of stuff about whether he'll fund a business, cars, private homes, etc.  I think I was pretty clear in the audio seminar that he won't do any of this stuff.  So, again, if I wasn't clear, I'm aiming to be clear now.  No businesses, no cars, no private homes, and nothing isn't CASH FLOW INVESTMENT real estate related.  No exceptions.

And finally, this is a brand new pilot program that I've never offered to my students so I don't know how long we'll offer this.  It's ONLY available to those who get the 2016/2017 Raising Capital Course because this password-protected website with all of it's information is located in my resource directory.  And no, this actually WASN'T my idea.  My investor stated that he didn't want droves of people doing this and that I needed to figure out a way to weed out the tire-kickers and people who don't understand how to work with investors so it was my idea to implement this in my upcoming Raising Capital course upgrade where I thoroughly train all of my students in how to work with investors.  So, it actually worked out beautifully.

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See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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