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Thursday, August 04 2016

I actually had a student of mine who wants to take advantage of the opportunity where he can get as much cash as he wants from my investor partner without stating what the money is for.  He didn't understand why there needed to be accountability, especially since he wanted a quick $250,000 for "something that's not really his business," as the email droned on.

Really?  So, he wants to ask an investor for $250,000 and it's NOT my investor's business to know what the money will be for?  Even worse, this student was angry that he had to validate what this money would be for.  I even asked him point blank what the money was going to be for and he refused to furnish an answer.

Hmmmm...I don't know.  Maybe he wants to make sure that he's not using the money for supplies in that meth-cooking enterprise he plans on starting in a pop-up camper in the middle of the desert.  After all, there needs to be SOME accountability for the funds here.  And for anyone who doesn't understand that, please note, this opportunity is definitely NOT for you.

We're in the business world here.  If you go to any bank or lender without any track record and ask for $250,000 cash for any type of business enterprise or activities, they will ALL ask you what the money is for.  Period.  THAT, my friend, is how the business world works.  And if you cannot provide these people with an answer, you won't get the cash.  Simple.

After that, this student demanded that I send him the information to get in touch directly with my investor to get this loan.  Remember, this is the one asking for $250,000 and refuses to divulge why he needs or wants the money. The answer was no, of course.  And it's only for my students who want to learn how to work with investor partners which means they have to go through my course materials first.  And he doesn't want to learn anything.  He just wants somebody he can dial up to get cash wired into his account without explaining to anyone what the money is for.  And that ain't gonna fly.

For those of you who want to follow the rules and who understand that this money is for real estate deals only, CLICK HERE or go to to get this valuable investor contact information.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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