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Tuesday, July 19 2016

The other day I gave you a short list of 3 of my most powerful success strategies.  Then yesterday I thought about something. I'm perhaps missing one of the most powerful of them all.


Not tithing exactly, even though that counts.  But I'm referring to giving to others.

Now, the issue I have with tithing to an organized sect or church is that, for many people, it feels like an "obligatory" type of deal.  When anything feels like you're obligated in doing it, immediately it loses all power.  Period.  No exceptions.  Again, I'm not saying tithing is bad.  Not at all.  But do an "inner check" with yourself to make sure that you feel like you're providing a great service to your church and that the act makes you feel great to the pit of your stomach...or not.  The second it doesn't feel anything more than an obligation means that you need to change it up.

There's only one place I've ever felt I've received pure blessings in return for the money I give and that is giving to someone who has nothing but the shirt on his back.  Yes, I'm one of those people who routinely gives to the people who stand on street corners with cardboard signs.  Yes, some of them are scammers, alcoholics, and drug addicts.  So what?  That has nothing to do with MY intentions, only theirs.  My intention is to help another human being who is in need and that is where the universal power comes in.  It matters not in what they do with the money afterward as long as my feelings toward it (to help them out) is there 100%.  (To be clear, I don't help absolutely everyone standing around with a cardboard sign.  I "feel them out" with my gut to see if I want to give to them or not.  I trust my intuition in that way.)

Whenever I give to someone who has nothing to their name, I get the greatest blessings from them starting with the first words from their mouth and their first reaction in getting the money.  Usually they sit there with nobody helping out or, even worse, when people feel the need to insult them for asking for money.  So, when a kind face comes with a hand full of money, it surprises them.  Then, almost always, I get a "God bless you" from them.  And it's genuine from the base of their being.  And I receive that energy, making me feel great.  Then I'm blessed in so many ways because of that energy flow.

This is why I don't like traditional "tithing."  The word itself means a tenth...or a tenth of your income.  So, it almost seems like a forced payment plan in a way when donating precisely 10% of what you make (gross) to a specific church organization.  When things are that structured, the magic begins to dwindle just in the habit part alone.  But when you donate money with your best intent and heart in the gift, you are blessed much, much more than any other format out there.

If you're not sure about what I'm talking about, the next person that you see standing there with a sign and nothing to his name, reach into your pocket and pull out a five or ten...or a twenty dollar bill, if you feel so inclined.  And pay attention to what is happening within yourself when you do it.  Pay attention to the blessing that you feel from the person receiving the money.  And most importantly, revel in the feelings you have when you receive that blessing from the recipient of the money.  They are always most grateful and the feelings within you send you to the mood with happiness and elation.

Here's what happens:

When all of these energies start flying around -- starting from your desire to give the gift to the deep sense of gratitude from the recipient to your feelings of elation from being able to help someone -- the universe responds with gifts to you.  It all works like a big giant vacuum.  Nothing can go "empty" for long in the universe.  So, technically, your giving money to someone in great need causes this sense of "empty" as far as the energy goes in the universe.  You're $20 lighter...or whatever you gave to the recipient.  This allows for the universe to "rush in" to replace it, usually at least 10 fold but many times much, much more depending on the levels of energy flow between you and the recipient.  I've seen returns of 100 fold or higher in some cases.  The good news is that it's pretty immediate.

Here's the slippery slope though.  You can't give with the sole intent to get something without any other intentions otherwise this doesn't work.  You can't say to yourself, "I'm gonna give twenty bucks to that bum over there so I'll win the lottery tonight."  Not gonna happen!  But if you're intent is to truly help that person (and it's not only money that helps, you know), the energy intention behind it is absolutely everything in this universal equation.

Don't believe what I'm saying?  Test it out.  The next person you see holding a sign asking for money, IF you feel inclined to help this person then dig into your pocket and come up with some dough.  Give it to him (or her) and feel the energy that comes from the transaction.  As you walk away, you'll feel lighter and happier.  This, in and of itself, creates more energy and this positive energy pulls to you everything that is in alignment with your soul, your needs, and your life's path.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main 

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