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Friday, July 15 2016
Something Really Strange Happened to Me!
You're not going to believe this.  Hell, I hardly believe it myself after going over it in my mind 1,000 times.  This will FLOOR you in the power of those "things" that are between what we see everyday as "reality" and that world that we can tap into that's sort of "magical" in quality that defies all logic and science.
It happened on the Fourth of July, to be exact.  But let me rewind a little bit more.  The week before, I had finally had it with where my admin office for Global Success was located.  It was an office building that seemed to be breaking apart by the day.  We had constant phone problems.  (Two of our phone lines stopped working altogether rather mysteriously with no explanation.)  Our Internet service worked about 70% of the time.  When it did work, it was slower than AOL dial-up service back in the 1990s.  I would have to upload any audio or video file using my service at home otherwise the system at the office would completely crash every single time.  AT&T couldn't fix it and it just got worse and worst as time went on.
There were a variety of other issues with the building that I won't bore you to death about but I'll tell you this:  If you were paying attention at all to what I've been saying over the past couple of months about letting go of the things that are draining you dry (whether it be mentally, emotionally, financially...or whatever), you need to get rid of it.  And fast.  BEFORE it completely sinks you.
I had also been telling you about a long list of people, things, and situations I've been ridding myself of for the past several months from business activities to family and friends right down to my conniving hairdresser.  Little did I know that there was more work to do.  I had to get rid of an office space that seemed to be draining my energy.
Now this is the part where it kind of gets weird and strange so bear with me here.  I have this "gift" (more like a curse, as far as I can tell) where restless spirits will "notice" that I notice them and they try to connect with me.  Being a ghost probably sucks in its own right because they're there, floating around in this lost stage of purgatory almost, and nobody knows there there.  It's like being a human being walking around and nobody can see or hear you.  As you can imagine, you'd get frustrated pretty damn quick.  And that's what I believe it's like for a ghost or trapped spirit.
So, this spirit...I kind of noticed right after I moved in but I felt him mostly upstairs (where my office wasn't located).  When I noticed him, he wanted me to notice more of his activities.  I didn't really care.  As long as he stayed out of MY office, I was fine with the dude being there.  But then he decided to start frequenting my office at night.  He'd close my office door while I was gone.  He'd throw stuff on the floor.  He'd misplace things on my desk.  He'd freak out my fish, killing 2 of them within 2 weeks.  (This is the point where I had to draw the line.)
I started telling him that I was unhappy with his presence and that he needed to go.  That pretty much did nothing.  So, I finally told him that if it didn't stop, I was going to move my office altogether.  (Not really because of him but because of all the other MANY issues with the building but...he probably already knew all that.  He's a ghost, after all.  He heard my many conversations with staff about my issues with the building for months and months.)
Believe it or not, he started being "good" for a little while with the threat of my moving.  But I pissed him off fierce when I brought in a pile of boxes and started packing.  This was when I moved PART of my office out into an office/warehouse space around the corner since I needed the extra space. Since he thought I was moving everything out, he started getting overbearing with his presence.
I thought it was just me but the entire office building was getting "heavy" for me in a very depressed way.  I felt sad going into the building each day. Weird people and employees started coming into my life.  A long-time employee of mine decided to quit suddenly.  (Maybe she was part of my people purging track but I didn't realize it at the time).  Rose told me that she would start feeling so depressed sitting at her desk that many days she just wanted to sit there and cry.  (I thought it was just me until she told me that.)
While I was out of the country last month, I made the executive decision to pack up all the stuff and to move the office when I got back.  I had made all the arrangements and let Rose (my only employee left after all of this) know that we would be moving the following week when I returned.  She was surprised but relieved, I'm sure.
As a birthday gift, Ron gave me this spray called "Spray the Shit Out" or something to that effect.  It was from a New Age bookstore in Michigan and was equivalent to liquid sage and some other stuff for getting rid of bad energies, I guess.  My daughter got a hold of it and couldn't stop spraying it (typical for many kids with the opportunity to spray something).  She sprayed half the bottle in the office I was packing up to permanently leave.
After we moved everything out, I couldn't help to notice that the heavy energy was gone.  Hmmmm...this was odd.  I had moved my entire office and the energy (ghost, spirit, or whatever it was) had left too?  The place had a great energy when I was gone.  It was light and bright and inviting.  (If it had stayed that way, I wouldn't have moved in the first place!)
I had this dreaded fleeting thought.  He had attached himself to me and followed me out of the office.  (Later I'd realize that I was correct in this theory.)
Fast forward to the Fourth of July again.  I was playing music on my rock speakers outside when suddenly I noticed that the same song started playing over and over again.  I had the speakers hooked up to my iPad in my room upstairs so I went up to see what was going on.  When I went into the closed room (keeping the pets out of my bedroom), this 15 lb. vase had "fallen" on the iPad and a pile of books and papers were all over the floor (with the iPad and other items).  There's no way that this vase could have just "fallen over," unless we had a major earthquake (which didn't happen).  This is when I realized where the spirit had landed.  He was in my bedroom.
Moments later, my daughter was complaining that she had misplaced a bottle of fluid to keep her newly pierced ears clean.  She had looked everywhere.  It was gone.  I was on my laptop on my bed.  I told her that I had to shut off the rock speakers and that I would help her find the solution.  I got up off the bed, shut the rock speakers off, and the moment I got back inside the solution with a cleansing pad was sitting neatly in the very spot my ass was sitting when I was on my laptop.  It just had appeared there from nowhere.
I refuse to put up with this type of activity so I busted out my driest sage stick and got to work smudging my entire house, verbally expressing that no negative energies or spirits were welcome in my house and they had to leave. Pronto!
The exact second I finished my sage work and noticed that my cat Pineapple was attacking something on the floor.  I looked and here's the huge ass larger-than-life -- check out the picture I uploaded here!  It was the size of the largest butterfly you could ever imagine but bigger.  It's a scary ass moth/bug thing and I've never seen anything like it before!
My step-son wanted to kill it.  I told him no.  Because I had a very strong feeling that the spirit WAS the moth.  (I told you that this would get weird.)  I told him to get it out of my house and he did with an oversized cup that I gave him.
It's been said that spirits can become moths.  These things also mean death. Whichever way you look at it, don't you think it's weird that it showed up right when I was done saging a spirit out?  I really doubt it's a coincidence.  I don't believe in that sort of thing anyway.  But this sort of thing with a spirit turning into a moth has never happened to me before.
Long story short (too late for that), I haven't felt the spirit in my house nor has anything happened since the moth was carried out of my house and into the darkness only moments before the fireworks display started right down the street from my house.
To me, this is just a reminder that there is a really fine line between what we perceive as "reality" and the magic that lies beneath, in between, and above us at all moments of our lives.
You can tap into that magic...or you can keep buying into the reality that you've created for yourself.  You can start creating a dream-like life...or you can settle for the misery that you've sold yourself on for the past several decades.
Reality is...if you don't decide to use the magic by understanding HOW it works, you'll never have what you dreamed for yourself.  But you can learn the magic and discover how it can change everything for only 30 days.
CLICK HERE and you'll be blown away at how your entire life is about to change!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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