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Wednesday, July 06 2016

I don't know about you but this entire year has been chalked off as a total waste of time so far.  I feel like I've been walking in mud, not accomplishing a lot and everything taking 100x more the effort than usual to complete...and this is on days where I actually have clarity and focus (which is far and few between these days).

Have you been feeling the same way?

Chances are that you have been feeling this way and you don't know why.

Now humor me for a minute if you don't believe in this stuff.  And if you do, this will make some sense as to why this year (so far) hasn't been working out at all for most of us.

If you study the earliest societies, you'll notice that many of them believed in what the stars and planets could tell them when it came to predicting the future.  Most civilizations who built pyramids had done so in alignment of certain important celestial bodies.  They did this for a reason.  They believed that these bodies could help tell them about the present and the future of what's to come.  And many knew, unfortunately, exactly when their demise would transpire because of this.  I'm not sure what's worse.  Knowing the future...or not.  Especially if you're "told" that the end is near.  Then what do you do?

My mom was an amateur astrologer, although she did get pretty good at it by her life's end.  She knew secrets about the planets and how it would affect people when they did (or didn't) do certain things.  I took much of what she said with a grain of salt.  As a kid, well...who freaking cares about the planets and which houses they are in your life, right?

But as I got older, like many of us, I wanted to know what I could control and figure out to better enhance my life experience here.  I think all of us (who have any brain to speak of, that is) would take advantage of ANY tool that could give us an upper hand in helping us along in the positive in life.  Only a fool would take the philosophy of "taking it as it comes without warning" if there are tools in place to help circumvent some of these problems and issues.

However, what I've learned in astrology so far is that there really isn't much you can do.  Issues and problems will come when they're supposed to.  Life changes will happen when they're meant to happen.  And when the freight train comes barreling through with no brakes, much of the time there's really nothing you can do about it except cope and deal. magical solution here.  Not with astrology anyway.  It just makes us understand the "whys" behind how we're feeling and what is transpiring on a national and global level sometimes.

But back to you and me, because that's all that's important for this short moment here.

Last year (in the last weekend of September) I mentioned something about the second of three very powerful eclipses that took place in a rare trio-eclipse happening that takes place once in a long while.  Lunar eclipses are good for "cleaning out the house" or getting rid of things that no longer service you in your life anymore.  It could be that sucky job or lover or something else that's just getting in the way of you being the best you can be.  On top of that, it was a blood mood.  I was boarding a flight at JFK in New York and I saw the blood moon eclipsing.  It was at 50% right before I took off.  Between that and being with the Pope in New York City that weekend, I felt...different.  I can't explain it.  But I felt like some major (good) changes were about to sweep through my life.

Back up to a month prior when the first of this trio of eclipses hit.  Lea, my long-time right-hand gal, suddenly left my employ to take a much better position elsewhere.  While I was overjoyed that she found a position that was much better for her (in commercial banking) that gave her all of the benefits she's wanted, I felt a little "lost" for awhile.  Days later I got a killer kick-ass business idea that I began to implement in the first days of September.

During this time in my life, I made this rather sudden decision to close down a multi-million-dollar business because I didn't believe in it.  In fact, right after I got back from New York, I started closing it all down.  But to end a business of that size doesn't happen overnight.  In fact, I just sewed up some loose ends of it just this past week and there's one thing left I have to do: close the merchant and bank accounts.  And that's pretty much it.

Eclipses will remove what's not working while giving you something new to work with.  At least that's the theory.

But let's get to the part as to why we've been feeling like we're in a cloud, walking through mud, and feeling a little disconnected for this entire year so far...

We've had a very unusual mix of once-in-a-lifetime planetary mix that has been a big part in feeling the way we have.  But forget about the specifics since I'm pretty sure you don't care.  The big one for me was when a little planet called Mars went retrograde and this is the planet I rely heavily on for my energy, aggression, passion, and enthusiasm.  So, essentially, all of that was gone...until Mars just "woke up" on June 29th and is now getting back on track (rather quickly, I might add) in giving me back all of those things that I need to!

What's the point in all of this?

From now through the rest of this year, all of our projects will work out well as long as they are in alignment with what we're supposed to be doing.  (And for those of you who have been starting new businesses and enterprises but haven't made much progress, you'll either see the progress OR you'll realize that you'll have to shift to another type of business/project that's more in alignment with what you're supposed to be doing.)

Here's the key though:  you can't sit on your ass and expect checks to come floating down from the clouds and into your mailbox.  You have to start something and work on it.  And this "thing" that you start, it MUST be something you REALLY want to do.  It can't be something just for the money otherwise you'll find yourself banging your head up against the wall because it's not working.  Or, as in my case, taking 9 months to close down a million-dollar-annual enterprise because the thought of continuing makes you want to barf on yourself.  As it did with me.

Now here's the tricky part:  TRUST.  To let go of what's not working means that you have to trust that something new and awesome and profitable is right around the corner.  You just have to trust that it'll show up.  And it'll be there.

Here's what I have to offer to you:  a means of finding that profitable enterprise that will change everything that your life is now and turn it into a dream in the years to come.  But that's only if you do the work.  I'll show you HOW to do it.  But YOU have to actually DO it.  And no, it's not hard.  Especially if you're working with a product that you really love.  It's not work at all.  In fact, you won't work another day in your life!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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