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Thursday, June 16 2016

Last month my one-time-only Money Funnel Mentorship Group ended and I got an email yesterday from one of my students in the group who has just cleared $7,000 in the past 2 weeks, putting him on track to make $14,000 for his first month with his newly completed money funnel business.  So when I say this stuff works...and fast, I'm not kidding!!

But...sadly, I decided that I will ONLY be doing ONE of these Money Funnel Mentorship Groups.  And it ended last month.  They're too intensive and time-consuming for me so if you missed my only group, I'm sorry.  But...

There is good news, however, and that is: I have the "modules" of the group ready to go for you.  This means that I have all 8 training videos with all 8 PowerPoint presentations (in PDF format) and all 8 Action Sheets with ALL of the needed materials for the group.  And this also means that you don't have to wait an entire 8 weeks to go through the group with everyone else.  You can now take these modules and go through all of them in half the time...or less, launching your successful money funnel business in record time! (Now THAT is a good use of a summer vacation.  Instead of lounging around all day, why not build a multi-million-dollar business instead?)

I've had so many emails and phone calls from students over the past few weeks asking about these Money Funnel Modules and when they're going to be released/ready.  They're actually a week overdue.  They were supposed to be ready last week but I feel like I got hit with a bus with this flu that seemingly will never go away so...that threw a week delay in things.  So, the Money Funnel Modules are being released today and I'm offering a killer kick-ass deal on them for Father's Day.

Here's what you'll get:


  • 8 Weeks of Webinar Training Videos (Each 60 to 90 Minutes Long...a Couple are EVEN LONGER Than That) Giving You the MOST THOROUGH Training You'll EVER Get in Building a Successful Money Funnel!
  • 8 Weeks of the Webinar PowerPoints in PDF Files So That You Can Go Through Them, Make Notes, and Follow Along
  • 8 Weeks of Action Sheets Which You MUST COMPLETE After Each Video to Ensure That You Build Your Business IN ORDER Using the Precise Blueprint Steps Provided
  • Sales Letter Headline Templates and Affiliate Secrets Revealed Presentations...Both Bonuses Are Worth MORE Than Gold So...Don't Miss THIS BONUS (Included)
  • BONUS FOR FATHERS:  You'll Get EXTRA Money Funnel Clones INCLUDING My Affiliate Clone. This is a $497 Bonus Alone!!

I'm offering ALL of this at a kick-ass price.  CLICK HERE for more details.  

One more thing:  Viper Wealth Members, you get an even BETTER pricing deal on this offer.

CLICK HERE to get your Money Funnel Modules NOW!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,


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