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Sunday, June 12 2016

My most recent deal was one that was sent over to my investor partners that just closed escrow late last month.  It was for an apartment building in Texas with a final purchase price of $4,300,000.  My student who was bird-dogging the deal got a 2.5% bird-dogging fee for it.  And he told me later that it took him less than 5 days to put the entire deal together.  Total payout for this student was $107,500 for his bird-dog referral fee.

I have so many students asking me where to get started in business, especially with investing.  Yes, it's getting tough to compete in our current real estate market.  Inventory is tight.  You're competing with the biggest and most financially secure investors who can plop down 25% cash (or more) on a deal to make sure they get it.  They can pay top dollar.  They can over-bid.  These are all things you can't (and shouldn't) do as a new investor.

But there is an opportunity that you should be aware of.  It's called being a bird-dog or a property scout.  And there are a couple of ways that this works that can give you huge profits in the process:

Option #1:  Getting a "referral fee" between 1% and 5% for finding a deal that they wouldn't have otherwise found on their own.  To legally do this without a brokerage license (which you don't need) is that you are given a 1099 having provided a "consultant service" to your investor for finding this property deal.  Yes, this is 100% legal.  And yes, this is done ALL THE TIME!

Option #2:  Flipping the property to an investor after purchasing it with "wet" funds.  You can get money for a deal.  Yes, 100% cash.  And you don't need good (or any) credit and you don't need any money to use what we call "wet funding" in this business. These funds are for flipping. But this type of deal is done differently.  You preliminary "sell" the deal to an investor first before buying the property.  You'll buy the property for a price and flip it to your investor for a higher dollar amount in what we call an A-to-B-to-C deal.

And then there's MY favorite option in all of this: finding investors to fund MY deals that I want to either flip or buy and hold (for up to 5 years). I love finding new investors to want to do deals with me.  This gives me the option of getting a much higher percentage of a flip or buy-and-hold deal (as low as 25% and as high as 75%).

I've just released my 2016 version of the Bird-Dog Bonanza System that outlines all of the massive changes that have occurred with bird-dogging.  You'll discover how to do all 3 things listed above in today's real estate market and beyond!

What I love about recommending bird-dogging for new students is that it allows you to get involved in real estate investing without the risk, without cash, and without credit.  It allows you to get your "feet wet" in the business of real estate without actually investing.  And it allows you to learn the ropes of the business by giving you confidence so that when it's time to do your own profitable real estate deals, not only will you have the money to do these deals but you'll also have the know-how and confidence.

For those of you who have been on the fence about real estate investing and have been wanting to get involved but didn't feel that you were "adequate" enough to enter into this business, you can enter in as a bird-dog and make a huge amount of money doing this!

CLICK HERE to get this brand new 2016 Bird-Dog Bonanza System right now!  Get it while you can since we're only taking so many new bird dogs.

Oh, and one more thing.  You can choose between finding your own investors (which is very easy to do and is clearly outlined in the course materials) OR use our investors to bird dog deals to.  It's your choice.  This way you don't have to worry about finding investors because we already have the investors!


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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