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Tuesday, April 19 2016

The other day I got a phone call from Ron, our money broker.  He was warning me about a student of mine -- Jacob K. -- who screwed him over on his fees.  Ron had gotten him a pre-approval for the 100% LTV Bond Funding Program for a multi-family purchase.  Since Jacob changed his mind and didn't want to go through with the deal, he reversed the charges on his credit card payment to Ron and essentially screwed over the ONLY money guy who can get a 100% LTV Bond Fund on a $1,000,000 America!

Even worse for this Jacob K. clown, when things like this happen, word gets around fast.  Since Ron has a direct connect with the fund who does this 100% LTV Bond Funding Program (for $1 million or more), he basically put out an alert on this Jacob K.  In the event that this guy floats through the system some other way trying to get the same (or any other) type of loan, lending, bond, or whatever...he's be to declined for any funding services whatsoever.

This is NOT the position to be in, especially when being blacklisted for such a powerful program as what the 100% LTV Bond Funding Program is.  Yes, you can get 100% LTV for a commercial property of $1,000,000 or more in purchase price.  And nobody else has this program for properties this low.  Most other brokers and funders require the property be a MINIMUM of $5,000,000 or $10,000,000.  So, my money guy is the ONLY guy who can actually pull this off at such a low dollar amount.

Anyone who can get you funds for deals...don't screw them over.  Okay?  That should go without saying but since it doesn't, DON'T SCREW YOUR MONEY GUY!  Not only will he NEVER get you approved for anything else but it'll be like the fools who bounce checks at their local convenience stores who have a "mug shot" looking photo of them behind the cash register saying something like:  DON'T SELL THIS GUY.  Basically, DON'T TRUST THIS GUY!  And that's what happens as everyone who is relevant in the private commercial financing world as they are warned about your bad behavior.  Never lend to this person...EVER!

This means that your investing business is done, dead in the water.  And you may as well just give it up.  Take that McDonald's job and let your dreams become someone else's reality.

But if you want to know your last handful of opportunities left in how you can acquire passive income cash flowing properties in today's economy -- and without any cash or credit -- CLICK HERE.  I'm offering something that will blow your mind.

What is it?

About 8 weeks ago I did this extremely rare first-time-ever in-office training on real estate.  I only had 5 people that were pre-selected to attended this rare group which is probably why you never knew about it.  (I have quite a few long-time students who are very serious students of real estate investing so I wanted to offer them the opportunity to attend this group first.  Since I had only a small space to work with, that has only recently expanded, I could only take very few students for this event.  Maybe you can catch the next one I do which will be sometime in the fall.)  This event was a powerful life-changing workshop that showed my students exactly how to work the steps, HANDS ON, in getting their real estate deals lined up.  To do things hands on is life changing.  You go from merely an audience member taking notes to "someday" do something with them (and we all know about "someday," don't we?) then we continue on with our lives the very next day.  Then 5 years flies by, we stumble on those notes, and shake our heads wondering why we never took action.

I know why you didn't take action.  You didn't feel like you had enough information to sink your teeth into.  That's what happened.  So, how powerful is it to sit in on a workshop where all of those steps are pounded into your head over and over again until you are FORCED to understand EXACTLY what to do?

Yep, you guessed it.  It's just as life-changing as you'd imagine.

And now you can "sit in" on this workshop as if you were there because my video guy -- Jesse J. -- was there taping every word, every presentation, every hands-on demonstration until the group got it.  This type of workshop is so rare because, in all due honestly, I cannot pull off this type of training in a seminar room full of 100+ people.  It's just not doable.  But I can with a small handful of people, in this case 5 people.  And you can fit in as "one of the group" by popping in the videos and, even better for you, going at your OWN PACE to get through the entire 2 1/2 days on video!  As if you were actually there!

CLICK HERE to find out more about these power-packed life-changing videos on doing no-cash-no-credit passive-income real estate deals!

Right now, for the Tax Season Blow Out, I'm offering a killer deal on these.  It's actually an UNHEARD of deal so I'd jump on it if I were you.

One last thing: If you're a Platinum Viper Wealth, DO NOT PURCHASE THESE VIDEOS.  You'll be getting them next week with your Advanced Course/Workbook, 2016 Apartment Strategies Audio Seminar, and Course Materials CD-ROM.   And yes, if you become Platinum Viper Wealth (at, you can also get these videos with all the stuff I just outlined above without paying anything more than your first month's enrollment fee.  Pretty sweet deal, huh?

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  There's still room for my LAST EVER Money Funnel Event in Las Vegas on May 13th & 14th (and the 15th also for Platinum Viper Wealth ONLY).  Yes, this is my LAST EVER Money Funnel Event which is different than my Beverly Hills Event from March of this year. In this Money Funnel Event, I'll be covering BOTH the Simple & Complicated Money Funnels (which I didn't cover in Beverly Hills) PLUS I'll be covering the Distribution Money Funnel, which I've NEVER covered before in any form whatsoever.  Why is this my last Money Funnel Event, you ask?  Because I'm actually DOING the money funnel stuff myself, both for consumer-direct products and distribution/wholesale products.  It's way too time-consuming, stressful, and takes an incredible portion of my energy to provide this type of intense information to my students.  I figure that if you're meant to be there, you'll be at this last event.  If not, so be it.  You weren't meant to be there.  CLICK HERE for details.  Since I'm focusing so much on my own money funnel business activities, Global Success will return to its former glory, offering apartment real estate strategies ONLY (including information on business credit, raising capital, getting government grants for real estate, and anything else to help your real estate business).  Unlike Money Funnel Strategies that seem to change every 6 months to a year, real estate strategies are going back to changing only minutely (as they did over a dozen years ago and back) which takes much less brain power for me to continue on that stream of education for my students.  By doing this, it'll allow me the energy I need to continue building my multi-million-dollar money funnel enterprises with max force between now and the next several years.  So, join me and come to Vegas for this Money Funnel Finale.  CLICK HERE NOW!


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