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Monday, April 18 2016

For years I've been warning my students of the inevitable.  Time was running out on real estate deals.  The window of opportunity is closing, and fast!

And I started this soapbox tirade back in 2011, laboring in a more fierce tone by late 2012, and told everyone that this was basically it by the summer of 2013.

Some listened, most didn't.  But I did deliver the news, gave the warnings, and trained my students in the best opportunities available with the best cutting-edge strategies in which to acquire these cash flowing properties before the music stopped, before it was too late.

So, where are we now?  Is it too late now?

Largely...yes.  For many of the opportunities I was leading my students to do, many of those strategies are long gone, namely because the inventory for the type of real estate I teach my students to do is gone.

Now, any one of you can look in the online MLS (by using and clearly see that there IS inventory left.  So...what the hell am I talking about?  Why am I telling you that the majority of the inventory is gone and that there are no deals to be had?

Let me be clear: there will ALWAYS be opportunity in EVERY market.  Good times, opportunity.  Bad times, opportunity.  Always opportunity.  But during the bad times, you get MORE opportunity because this is when you get to pick up properties for pennies on the dollar.  Those days are gone, folks.  I mentioned several times over and over again dating back to 2009 even that we were in the midst of the best time in our lifetimes to pick up properties left and right for next to nothing.  And that we would NEVER AGAIN see an economy like this.  In fact, our children and grandchildren won't even see this devastating of a recession in their lifetimes either.

Now, hold up a second.  You're probably thinking, "That's all well and good, Monica.  But reality is, banks weren't lending like they are now.  And unless you had immediate access to lots of cash, it really wasn't doable for the Average Joe to pick up these properties."

You're completely right.  This wasn't a doable plan for most people.  Only the "players" got to play in the game of getting properties for pennies on the dollar for all cash because, during that time, it was very difficult to get bank loans to purchase these properties.

The good thing about a healthy economy is that loans and money is much easier to get from banks and lenders.  Getting private lenders and investor partners are a piece of cake.  Everybody wants in on a good cash flowing deal. Getting money becomes extremely easily, as it is right now!  And THAT, my friend, is YOUR edge in today's economy, inventory or not.

Reality is, there are only 4 methods left for acquiring passive income properties in 2016 and for the next solid 6 to 8 years.  Here they are:

1)  100% LTV lease-option deals.
2)  100% LTV bond funding.
3)  Getting private funding or investor partner cash.
4)  Using business credit for cash to acquire and rehab second-hand foreclosures.

And that's it.  That's all she wrote.

So, what about that ever-elusive inventory that I was talking about?  There is ONE POWERFUL SECRET to not only circumvent that huge problem but to find all the deals you could ever handle (and more) by using this one secret.

I did a very rare, first-time-only real estate training with 5 very lucky students who were of only a small percentage of my student base were were even given the opportunity to come to this training.  I completed this training in mid-February and now, 2 months later, I'm finally releasing the DVDs to this unique and rare event in which I talk about ALL OF THE ABOVE in this 2 1/2-day training.  And yes, I do cover that powerful inventory secret on where you can find endless deals despite any inventory problems in any area of the country!  Guaranteed!!

And you can FINALLY get the videos.  But...the deal for this set ends 5pm PDT to be exact.  Yes, the deal ends today and you can get 1/2 off what I'm charging.  If you want to wait tomorrow, you'll be paying double.  And you WILL want these videos.  They reveal the ONLY investing secrets left for passive income real estate in today's economic environment.

By the way, if you're Platinum Viper Wealth, DO NOT order these videos.  You'll be getting these videos PLUS a 200-page Course/Workbook combination that is ONLY given to Platinum Viper Wealth members.  (And yes, if you want to be Platinum Viper Wealth to get all of this, you can register as Platinum FIRST by going to then calling my office at 661-250-5050 to make sure you can get this powerful Advanced Course).

For the rest of you, to get this amazing deal, again, this is your last chance.  CLICK HERE or go to now!

Questions?  Call my office at 661-295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  We're filling up fast for the Vegas event on May 13th & 14th (and a special bonus workshop on May 15th for Platinum Viper Wealth ONLY).  CLICK HERE or go to now before the price goes up!  I'm so proud of my video guy - Jesse - for FINALLY doing something with the powerful money-making strategies he's been getting from me all of these years.  Many of you don't know that Jesse is a successful musician, specializing in music scores for television shows and commercials.  He's now teaching others how to be successful musicians themselves by getting passive income royalty checks using his money-making music strategies.  If anything, check out his money funnel website and your jaw will drop to the floor.  It's THAT good.  CLICK HERE to check out Jesse's site!

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